The Okoye brothers are one happy family. Jude, Tony, peter and Paul all work and live together. On the outside, everything looks cool and smooth – but they’re the first to tell you it’s not always as smooth as it looks.
Peter and Paul have said it several times; ‘yes we quarrel, we argue, we figh. But it makes us better. It’s always for the good of Psquare’.

Now, it appears there’s a feud rocking the brothers’ camp again. This time tough, it’s not about which song to use or drop, or whih concept to adopt for a new video. It’s because Peter is soon going to be a fther!

An inside source revealed exclusively to AyeniTheGreat that the Okoye brothers, especially Jude are ‘not happy’ with Peter, following news that his 35 year-old lover Lola Omotayo is carrying his baby.

Peter, 29, has been dating Lola (an executive at FK:G2) for a while now; and the lovebirds have stuck together, despite recent rumours of an affair between Peter and ex-MBGN Munachi Abii.

Last week, Lola confirmed to reporters in Lagos that she’s three-months pregnant for Peter.

‘Jude is not happy. He’s their elder brother. He’s always looking out for them. He’s made a lot of sacrifices for them these past years. You think he doesn’t want to get married too?’ queried the source who claimed to be present when Jude was registering his displeasure.

Peter and Paul had continually insisted that Marriage was not on their plans for now. Last year. They told me in Lagos : ‘we’re still young… so marriage is not on the cards for now. It’s no even close. It’ll make us lose 50% of our female fans. Even in five years, we’ll still not be thinking of marriage’.

And, really, they’re still staying true to their words. Peter insists he’s not getting married yet. Paul, who’s dating a beautiful lady called Anita is also still very single. But, did anyone see one of the guys having a child out of wedlock? No. Not just because their mother runs an christain ministry, but because, because of their image, no one saw Peter or Paul going the way of 2face or Tony Tetuila.
Perhaps Peter and Lola will change their minds and decide to become husband and wife before the baby comes. After all, Peter has told us (in a 2007 interview): ‘of course my parents don’t have any problems with me dating a Yoruba girl. I can marry anyone I like. I can marry a Muslim tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. It’s my own choice’.

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