Majid Michel – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About this Ghallywood Actor


Many people often refer to Majid Michel as the ” new king of the African movies” and little did they know that this celebrity has a lot of history that have never been told to many people. If you are wondering how this celebrity rose to the fame he enjoys today, then the following are some of the 10

1. Majid was born in the neighboring small city of Cantonments located in the capital city of Ghana. His dad was a Lebanese and the mother was a Ghanaian. His dad as well as father-in-law was actor based in Accra. This makes him follow the steps of his dad after venturing into the acting career.

2. He attended the University of Accra where he pursued acting and theater studies. While in school, he participated in several school acting competitions where he won most of them as the best actor that ultimately enabled him to pursue actively a career in acting especially in the African movies. This made him nicknamed as the king of acting while he was still pursuing his studies at the university.

Majid Michel

3. He was paid approximately $ 20,000 after winning the African Movie Academy Award for his contributions in Best Actor as a Leading Role .This made him not only famous in the year 2012 but also marked his turning point in the African movies industry at the same time enabling him continue to participate in playing remarkable roles in African movies.

4. Majid has appeared in over 50 African movies since the year 2010. This makes him among the youngest successful actors who have done well in this industry in the century. In addition, this has made him get invitations from the popular Ghanaian African movie actors and actresses for the last couple of years

5. Majid has an estate in Ghana named after him since he grew up in the estate while living in Accra. In addition, Majid estate has gained fame from not only the residents but also local tourists who often want to trace the origin of this young star in the African movies category.

Majid Michel2

6. In October 10, 2013, a famous magazine in Accra known as “Ghana’s top movie stars in the year 2013” named Majid as the sexiest actor in entire Ghana. The media reports claimed that the company sold over 5 million copies of the magazine in just one month. This definitely put the actor in the limelight due to his success in the African movies.

7. Majid is ranked number 56 in the top 100 African most famous celebrities in the African movies industry. This has made him famous more than most of the Nigerian actors who have acted in the industry for many years. He has only been in the acting industry for less than 5 years.

8. Majid has a new worth of $ 500,000. In January this year, Accra daily Mail newspaper disclosed the net worth of Majid approximated at $ 0.5 million. This has made him among the well-paid actors in Ghana when compared to other actors who are in the same industry. Due to many movies he acted from the beginning of this year, he probably has grown in terms of net worth as the year ends.

9. He suffered from dyslexia in his early life. Dyslexia is a condition characterized by having difficulty with learning especially when an individual want to read fluently together with accurate comprehension even if the person has a normal intelligence. Dyslexia affected him in his early years but was later corrected at the age of 8 to enable him continue with his studies to even university level where he pursued acting and theater studies.

10. In October 2013, he was voted as the most promising actor in the category of African movies. This was his second award after the first one in the year 2012. This award has increased his fame in not only Ghana but also other parts of the African countries that often enjoy the genre of movies. In the award ceremony, he also beat youngsters from Nigeria which has been regarded as the home of African movies after dominating the field for several years due to their amazing actors and actresses. The above 10 facts will definitely help you understand this celebrity even as you continue enjoying his acting skills and talents in the African movies category.



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