Mozez Praiz… I’m A ‘Data Junkie’


Data-CentreMozez Praiz is handsome, classy and determined. He studied Mass communication at Ibadan Polytechnic, and equally did a programme in cinematography, editing and set design at the Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN) training school.He has modelled for most reputable fashion houses in Nigeria and commercially. He is a presenter with Supersport, having joined the station in 2007.Over the years, he has been able to climb the ladder of his career earning a good reputation in the process. Born and bred in Lagos, and the first of his parents’ nine children, the 6ft 5in tall grey haired talks more about himself.

What informed your decision to quit modelling to become a football analyst?
I was actively modelling here before I moved to South Africa, and later, back home, after which I joined Supersport. I won’t say I stopped modelling; my new job took more time off me and I couldn’t attend castings and the likes as a model. So, I suspended it and kick started it again, this time, as a more recognisable person, fame-wise. Truth is, ‘once a model, always a model’. So, yes, I’m still a model.

How has it been anchoring one of the nation’s most followed football shows?
It’s an absolute privilege, I dare say. I never for once thought I’d be on TV on the scale I’m now. My desire had always been radio. I figured that after wrapping up with school, I studied Mass Communication by the way, I’d find my way to being an on air personality (OAP) on radio. Well, that didn’t happen till 2012. Everything I did, kept throwing me back to the front of the screen, so, I gave in.

You recently featured in a television campaign for Etisalat. What was the experience like?
I’ve been part of different ad campaigns, as a production person and as the lead talent, but my shoot with network was very different. It felt like I was working with family members. I had worked with Liam, the director of the TV commercial before now, and he’s such an amazing person to work with. I had so much fun working with the telecom outfit. I’d always being a big fan of Etisalat before the shoot and all; so, it was such an honour and pleasure to be part of this campaign.

At what point did you make that decision to switch to the network?
It’s been long! I switched way before I was reached to shoot this campaign. At a point, I got frustrated with the whole telephony business, because before then, I had seven phones, I’m serious, and I woke up one morning thinking, ‘This is just sickening, I’m done!’ I gave out my phones and left my main number.

After a while, I shut down my main number and went phone less for about three months… the best three months of my entire life! Because of family, I decided to get a new phone line and a network I hadn’t used… Etisalat, of course, came. I was in awe as to how easy and clear my calls were. I was too happy and since then, I never ran out of airtime.

Before being a data junkie, I was an airtime junkie. I had given up on all Internet platforms from the different networks, trust me, I used them all. When I saw what the network offered me, I got hooked. I revived my main line back, but it seemed my new line had become my main line. By the way, the phrase ‘Data Junkie’ is mine. Use it, pay for it!

What impresses you the most about the network?
I honestly can’t pick any. If there’s anything anyone who uses Internet on a regular basis despises, it is when you need information urgently, and the silly thing chooses to ‘buffer forever’. Who invented buffering? The fact that I have unhindered Internet flow is just a blessing. Then there is the call clarity. It’s just ecstatic…

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