My first visit overseas was embarrassing –Mike Ezuruonye


Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye’s most embarrassing encounter occurred the moment he stepped into a foreign country for the first time in his life. Although it sounds unbelievable, but the actor, in an interview with our correspondent, said that it happened during his visit to England sometime ago.

He said, “At the arrival hall of the airport, a couple of ladies rushed at me. They hugged me and started kissing my face all over.  All of us fell on the ground right there and when I looked up minutes later, I saw many people laughing at me.”

The actor is currently holidaying in Canada, apparently ‘cooling off’ after the hectic time spent producing his first movie, Brother Jekwu.

Ezuruonye described the production of the movie, especially in a period of economic recession, as a big challenge. But, since he had been used to facing challenges, even such a big one, he had had no choice other than to tackle it head-on.

“I have always faced challenges with the positive mindset that I would always succeed. I have always told myself that there is no problem that cannot be circumvented. Of course, having to move a movie crew of 14 from Lagos to Owerri, back to Lagos, Kenya and Tanzania was a huge challenge. Add this to the huge foreign exchange rates on travels and the cost of hotel accommodation, you will understand what I passed through to get the movie shot,” he said.

However, the actor turned filmmaker confessed that the emerging cinema culture in Nigeria made him very happy in 2016, in spite of the negative effects of the economic recession.

“I was happy that, for the first time in Nigeria’s history, our people are prepared to accept our own local African content if visibly produced and marketed well,” he said.

Once described as one of the most attractive actors in Nollywood, it is amazing that Ezuruonye has managed to steer clear of controversy and scandals all these years. Explaining how he has been able to achieve this feat, he said, “Well, I have been able to stay out of trouble by being careful, minding my own business and knowing that I owe myself, family and true fans a duty lead a responsible life. Still, one is always aware that there are some wrong people or elements are always waiting for me to make a wrong move.”

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