My first…with Fidelis Duker,First Script, First Kiss, First Award, First etc


When was the first time you wrote a movie script?

The first time I wrote a script was in 1989 and it was for a television mini-series titled ‘Obedient servant at your service.’ It was an NTA network weekly television series. It wasn’t my project; I was a commissioned writer.

What is the name of the first movie you produced?

The first movie I tried producing which is still not out till today is titled ‘Devil’s Empire’ but my first released movie was actually a Yoruba movie titled ‘Alaimoore’ which means ingrate in English language.

What is the name of the first award you bagged professionally?

My first award as a filmmaker was the Thema Awards and it was for an outstanding screen play with my movie, ‘Not my will.’

What is the name of the first movie you shot outside Nigeria?

The first movie I shot outside the shores of Nigeria was titled ‘London Blues.’ We shot the movie in London.

How much did it cost to shoot your first movie?

Interestingly, my first movie was shot in 1993 and it cost me less than N30,000 .

What is the name of your first car?


My first car was a fairly used vehicle which we all know as a tokunbo car and it was a Mercedes Benz 190 coupe. I bought the car in 1997 and it cost me about N320,000.

Who was your first crush in life?

It was one of those feelings we had for our classmates in school, I mean those normal secondary school crush. Well, the lady is married now, so let’s keep her name out of the interview but she knows it was just a teenage crush and nothing else.

At what age did you make your first million?

I think I was about 26 or 27 years old when I made my first million and it was through this movie making business.

Who was the first person to believe in you?

My late mum, Grace Duker nee Imadonwinyin, was the first person to believe in me.

Who was your first love?

My first love was and still my wife and we met in her school in 1995.

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