Neymar in hot water AGAIN as footage emerges of him lashing out at fan in stands as he goes up to collect losers’ medal following Paris Saint-Germain’s embarrassing French Cup final defeat


Neymar lashed out at the Stade de France following Saturday’s French Cup final loss with PSG

The Brazilian playmaker grimaced as he swung his right arm towards a fan (not in shot)

A view of the man who was on the receiving end of Neymar’s swinging right arm in Paris

Multiple cameras were aimed at Neymar as he reacted angrily before collecting a medal

Nineteen-year-old PSG star Moussa Diaby was walking behind Neymar and attempted to play the role of peacemaker.

Several angles of the incident were shared via Twitter and Snapchat. Indeed, some of the footage was taken from the phone Neymar had batted away. It was uploaded, presumably by the man who had riled the Brazil ace, along with the caption: ‘Neymar who gave me a potato’ – European slang for a punch.

This ugly incident took place less than a metre away from a small child who was stood behind the fan that rowed with Neymar.

Just a day earlier Neymar had been hit with a three-match Champions League ban for telling VAR officials to ‘go f*** yourselves’ during PSG’s defeat by Manchester United in March.

Neymar played the full 90 minutes plus extra time on Saturday as PSG and Rennes battled out a 2-2 draw, before the underdogs won on penalties. 

Moussa Diaby (left) was walking behind Neymar and attempted to play the role of peacemaker

The caption of the Snapchat post read in French: ‘Neymar who gave me a potato’

Speaking about the game, Neymar — who scored in normal time and again during the shootout — blasted the younger players in the team. 

He said: ‘We need to be more man inside the locker room. More united, everyone needs to run. What I see there is a lot of youth that looks a bit lost.

‘There’s more mouth than ears. They need to listen more than they talk. Sometimes an experienced player says something and they don’t care, or the manager says something and they don’t care.

‘So this is a team that won’t go very far, this team will have no luck in the end. This team will always lack in that. We need to be more intelligent, they (the young players) more than us because we (the older players) are more experienced.

‘They need to have more respect, they need to listen more. When I got promoted I always listened and respected the old ones. I think they need to follow that path too.’

Neymar looked very annoyed as he slumped on the bench after his side’s defeat on Saturday

Hatem Ben Arfa was in a much better mood as the Rennes star celebrated with the trophy
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