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Nigerian Broadcasters and Media Awards: Nominees List for 2014


Nigerian Broadcasters and Media Awards: Nominees List for 2014

Due to some circumstances beyond our control, this year’sNigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards (NBMA) earlier scheduled for October 25th, has been shifted till November/December. While voting is expected to start on Monday, October 6th, new date and venue for NBMA 2014 will be announced in a couple of days.

After a rigorous verification exercise that lasted for a couple of weeks, here is the authentic list of nominees for the NBMA 2014.

1. Best TV Station of the Year (NATIONAL)
(Criteria: Must be transmitting both on terrestrial and satellite/ Digital Channel, production quality and content)
A-A.I.T Network
B-Galaxy TV
D-NTA Network/International

2 .Best TV Station of the Year (REGIONAL) (Viewer’s Choice)
A-ESBS Chanel 50 (Enugu)
B-BCA Umuahia
C-ABS Onitsha
E-IBC owerri
F-Ekiti TV
G-Orient TV
H-CTV Kano
J-ARTV (Kano)
K-Rivers State TV
L-Ondo TV
M- Desmims Independent Television (Kaduna)

3- Best TV Channel (Viewers Choice)
(Criteria: 24-hour Channel on Pay Satellite/Digital TV, Large viewer-ship and Good content)
A-Ebony Life TV
B- Ancient of Days TV
C-Vox Africa TV
F-AMC TV (Nigeria)
G-Realstar TV

4-Best Indigenous TV Channel (Viewers Choice)
(This Category welcomes nomination of indigenous TV channels i.e. Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo on Satellite/ digital stations)
A-NTA Igbo
C-Africa Magic Yoruba
D-NTA Yoruba
E-Africa Magic Hausa
F-Farin watta

5. Best Entertainment Channel (Africa) (Viewer’s Choice)
(Criteria): Made in Nigeria/Africa, good content, production quality and running on pay Satellite/Digital Channel)
A-Spice TV
C- Planet Radio TV (PRTV)

6. Best Entertainment Channel (International) (Viewer’s Choice)
(Criteria: Import and Export 24 hours channel on pay Satellite/Digital TV, large viewership in Africa)
A- Trace Urban TV
B-AfroMusic Pop
C- E Entertainment
D- Planet Radio TV (PRTV)
E-Spice TV

7. Radio Station of the Year (Lagos)
(Criteria: Production quality, coverage, content and listenership)
A-Smooth FM
B-City 105.1 FM
C-Top Radio 90.9 FM
D-Nigerian Info
E-Classic FM
F-Star FM
G- Metro FM
H-Radio Continental

8- Radio Station of the Year (North)
A- Freedom Radio FM, Kano
B-WE FM (Abuja)
C-Brilla FM (Kaduna)
D-Hot FM, Abuja
E-Peace 90.5 FM Jos
F-Grace 95.5 FM, Lokoja
G-Dala FM Kano,
H-Unity FM Jos
I-Kiss FM Abuja
J-Raypower 106.5 FM, Kano
K-KSMC Kaduna
L-Rhythm FM (Abuja)
M-Kapital FM (Abuja)
O-Alheri Radio (Kaduna)

9- Radio Station of the Year (South-West)
A- OGBC (Abeokuta)
B- Oluyole FM (Ibadan)
C- Positive 102.5 FM (Akure)
D- Living Spring FM (Osogbo)
E- Independent Radio (Benin)
F-Beat FM Ibadan
G- Rockcity FM, Abeokuta
H- Positive FM ((FRCN), Akure)
I-Vibes FM (Benin City)
J- Melody FM, Warri
K- Paramount FM (FRCN, Abeokuta)
L-Orange FM (Akure)
M-Star FM (Ibadan)
N-Grace FM (Lokoja)

10- Radio Station of the Year (South-East)
A-Radio PH 91.7FM (Port Harcourt)
B-Radio Rivers 99.1FM (Port Harcourt)
C-Zanders 105.7 FM (Owerri)
D-Dream 92.5 FM (Enugu)
E-Blaze 95.1FM (Anambra)
F-Solid 100.9FM (Enugu)
G-Hot FM (Owerri)
H-Love FM (Port Harcourt)
I- Garden City FM (Port Harcourt)
J- Imo Broadcasting Corporation (Imo State)
K- CRBC (105.5 FM) (Calabar)
L-Magic FM (Aba)
M-Treasure FM (Port Harcourt)
N-Sunrise FM (Enugu)
O- Radio Sapientia (Onitsha)

11. Best Indigenous Radio Station (South-West) (Yoruba/Pidgin) (Listener’s Choice)
(Criteria: Listenership and coverage)
A-Paramount FM (Abeokuta)
B-Faaji FM (Lagos)
C-Amuludun FM (Ibadan)
D-Bond FM (Lagos)
E-Adaba FM (Akure)
F- Space FM (Ibadan)

12- Best Indigenous Radio Station (North)( Hausa) (Listener’s Choice)
A-Alheri Radio (Kaduna)
B-Kada FM (Kaduna)
C- Tashariyanci 91.7FM (Kaduna)
D- Freedom Radio (Kano)
E- B- Wazobia FM (Kano)

13- Best Indigenous Radio Station East (Igbo/pidgin) (Listener’s Choice)
A-Purity FM 102.5 FM (Awka)
C-Orient FM
D-Heartland FM
E-Treasure FM (Port Hrcourt)
F-Love FM (Umuahia)
G-Magic FM (Aba)

14-Best Newscaster (TV) Male
(This is strictly for newscasters of TV stations which transmit both on terrestrial and satellite/Digital channel) (Criteria: diction, poise and fashion sense)
A-Ayotunde Balogun (Channels)
B-Sam Odion Bello (AIT)
C-Ayo Ojurongbe (LTV8)
D- Mike Okwoche (TVC)
E- Nifemi Oguntoye (Core TV)

15-Best Newscaster of the Year (TV) Female
A-Harriet Agbenyi (Channels TV)
B-Funke Oga (NTA)
C- Lara Owoeye Wise (AIT)
D-Helen Oyibo (STV)
E-Esther Omopariola (TVC)
F- Emana Ambrose-Amawhe (Galaxy TV)
G-Bimbola Oloko (LTV)
H- Jumoke Micheal (MITV)

16. Best Radio Newscaster (English). Male
This category welcomes nominees (male or female) from Radio Stations only. Nominees must be on the station that has larger coverage with good diction, fluency amongst other criteria.
A- Godwin Asukwo (Cool FM)
B- Egunjobi Olufemi (Space FM Ibadan)
C- Ndua Benjamin (KSMC Kaduna)
D- George Omagbemi (Nigerian Info)
E- Adams Palmer (Raypower FM Kaduna)
F-Victor Njoku (Beat FM)
G-Kachi Nnochiri (Classic FM)
H- Solomon Iorpev (Kapital FM Abuja)
I-Pius Charles (HOT FM)
J- Yahaya Umar (Radio Nigeria)
K-Onome Oyaide (Rhythm FM)
L- Femi Tunde Okunlola (Royal FM Ilorin)
M- Chike Osuji (Orient FM, IBC Owerri).

17- Radio Newscaster of the Year Female
A- Anne Nwaghodoh (Splash FM Ibadan)
B- Yop Rwampang – (Liberty FM Kaduna)
C- Biola Aberuagba (Raypower Lagos)
D- Aina Ola Salako (Eko FM)
E- Adaolisa Adirika (Blaze FM Anambra)
F-Juliet Stevens (Dream FM Enugu)
G- Ife Agbaje (Metro FM Lagos)

18- Best Newscaster (Indigenous) Pidgin/Igbo (Listener’s Choice)
This category welcomes nominees from TV and Radio stations across South, West and North) (Criteria: fluency in choosing language i.e. Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin English…Etc, and sense of humour.

A-Tuebi Abide (Wazobia FM Lagos)
B-Temitope Ojelade (Naija FM)
C- MC Douglas (Love FM Port Harcourt)
D-Micah Aruocha a.k.a Mc Ice Water (EKO FM)
E- Uncle C Akpakwalam ochi (Love FM Umuahia)
F- Daddy O (Dream FM Enugu)
G-Ben Ejiolameh (Faaji FM)
H- Imuchi Chukwu (Orient FM,Owerri)
I- Joe Igbo – Radio Sapientia (Onitsha)

19- Best Newscaster (Indigenous) Yoruba (Listener’s Choice)
A- Debo Yusuff (Radio Lagos)
B-Bayo Faleke (Splash FM Ibadan)
C-Opeyemi Afilaka (Royal FM Ilorin)
D-Kayode Adejumo (Faaji FM)

20- Best Newscaster of the Year (Indigenous) Hausa (Listener’s Choice)
A- Salisu Umar Abdullahi a.k.a Salinger (Alheri radio, Kaduna)
B- Ashu Brown (Dala FM Kano)
C-Usman Ahmad Kabara (Liberty FM Kaduna)

21. Best TV Reporter of The Year
(Criteria: Consistency, investigative reporting…etc)
A- Femi Akande (TVC News)
B- Chukwuma Onuekwusi (Channels)
C- Salamatu Ibrahim (AIT)
D- Michael John Nwadibe ( STV)

22. Best coverage of news story (TV) (Satellite/Digital channel only)
A-Channels TV
B -Core News
C-TVC News
E-Galaxy TV

23- Best coverage of news story Radio – (National)
Strictly for stations with sister station in other state of the federation)
A-Raypower FM
B-Nigeria Info
C-Hot FM
D-Rhythm FM
E-Cool FM
F-Wazobia FM
G- Radio Nigeria

24- Best coverage of news story (Regional) North
A-Peace 90.5 FM Jos
B-Grace 95.5 FM, Lokoja
C- Liberty FM (Kaduna)
D-KSMC (Kaduna)
E-Kapital FM Abuja
F-Dala FM Kano
G-Alheri Radio (Kaduna)

25- Best coverage of news story South-West
A-Orange FM (Akure)
B-Rainbow FM (Ogun State)
C-Premiere FM (Ibadan)
D-Independent Radio (Benin)
E- Paramount FM (FRCN, Abeokuta)
F-Splash FM (Ibadan)
G-Royal FM (Ilorin)
H-Oluyole FM
I-Grace FM (Lokoja)

26- Best coverage of news story South-East
A-Radio PH 91.7FM (Port Harcourt)
B-Love FM (Port Harcourt)
C-Garden City FM (Port Harcourt)
D-Radio Rivers 99.1FM (Port Harcourt)
E-Dream 92.5 FM (Enugu)
F-Blaze 95.1FM (Anambra)
G-Solid 100.9FM (Enugu)
H- Imo Broadcasting Corporation (Imo State)
I-CR Radio-2 (105.5 FM) (Calabar)
J-Magic FM (Aba)

27. Best Pay Digital TV channel provider
(Criteria): Services and numbers of ‘quality’ channels)
D-Metrodigital Cable
28. Pay Digital TV channel provider with Best Technical Innovation
(This category seeks to recognize break-through innovations which have directly enhanced the VIEWER experience or significantly changed the business or distribution model to enable radio/TV services and their brands to better serve their audiences and/or find new audiences.)
Best Creative Innovation (Viewers /Listeners Choice).
This category recognizes editorial innovation in online, mobile, social or other digital platforms and how that innovation adds to the experience of the listener. Innovative use of content generated through platforms such as social media, Website, DTV or mobile has enhanced the on-air editorial of the programme or station that content is associated with, or brought new listening/viewing experiences to Nigerian consumers. This innovation may relate to a regular or one-off broadcast or on-going activity.
29- Pay satellite TV channel provider with Best Creative Innovation

30- TV Station with Best Creative Innovation
A-Channels TV
C-Core TV
E-Planet Radio TV (PRTV)
G- Ancient of Days TV

31 –Radio Station with Best Creative Innovation
A-Liberty FM (Kaduna)
B-Beat FM
C-Royal FM (Ilorin)
D-Rhythm FM
E-Inspiration FM
F-Splash FM (Ibadan)
G- Independent Radio (Benin)
H-Radio Continental (Lagos)
I-Metro FM

32- Best Use of Branded Content (TV only) (Viewers Choice)
This category is designed to recognize excellence in paid-for promotional, sponsored or brand funded programme.
A-Who Wants To be A millionaire
B- Maltina Dance All
C-Knorr Taste Quest
D-Star The Winner Is
E-Gulder Ultimate Search
– Best Station Imaging
This category is designed to recognize excellence in the creation of an overall ‘sound’ for a station or network. To reward creative and effective use of production tools such as liners, jingles, promos and trailers, in establishing and promoting a distinctive on-air station/network identity.
33-TV Channel with Best Station Imaging
A-Channels TV
E-EbonyLive TV
F-Independent TV

34-Radio Channel with Best Station Imaging
A-Wazobia FM
B-Splash FM
C-City FM
D-Beat FM
E-Royal FM (Ilorin)
F-Liberty FM Kaduna
G-Independent Radio
H-Cool FM
I-Radio Continental

Backroom Team of the Year TV (People’s Choice)
(This category welcomes nominees from TV Stations in Sport News, Entertainment and other informative programmes).

35-Cameraman of the Year
A-Alfred Chia (EbonylifeTV)
B- Tunde Ennis (TVC)
C-Mhlengi Mazibuko (Ancient of Days TV)
D-Iyke Elue (AIT)

36- Producer of the Year
A- Priscilla Nzimiro-Nwanah (EbonyLife TV)
B-Tunji Olanipekun of (Big Issue Show TVC)
C-Olawumi Heavens Oola (Red Carpet Extra)
D-Seun Oluyemi (Rubbin’ Minds)
E-Suleiman Aledeh (Sunrise Daily)

37- Best Station’s Manager of the year
A- Pamela Ofoegbu (EbonyLifeTV)
B-Evita Moussalli (Wazobia, Cool and Nigerian Info)
C-Ayo Animashaun (HipTV)
D- Kayode Akintemi (Channels TV)

38-Best Programme Director (TV only)
A-Victor Imoyi (TVC News)
B-Wale Peters (AIT)
C-Ayoola Opere (EbonyLife TV)
D- Tope Oshin Ogun (Tinsel)
39-Visual Editor of the year
A-Segun Oderinde (Moment with Mo)
B- Oladimeji Peter Solomon (TVC)
C-Kehinde Ojo (AIT)

40- Presenter Extraordinaire (Viewers /Listeners Choice)
(This category is strictly for physically challenged broadcasters/OAP/Presenter/producer
A-Victor Otuya (Radio Continental)
B- Victor Oteri (Traffic Radio)
C- Philomena Nweze (Kapital FM Abuja)
D- Suleiman Bamidele (Splash FM)
E- ChiChi Okohalum (TVC)
F- Kasarachi Innocent ((Love FM, PH)

41. Nigerian Broadcaster of the year (Male) (People’s Choice)
(This category is irrespective of medium (TV/Radio), location and programmes anchor)
Criteria: Most Popular, influential, superior Skill, well- rounded, humorous, decent and very original)
A-Chucks Roberts a.k.a Spaceman (Family Love FM PH)
B-Lorenzo Menakaya (Lion FM, Enugu)
C- Godwin Enakhena (LTV8)
D- Mannie (Cool FM)
E- Oscar Oyinsan (City FM)
F- Nanya Dialli (Rhythm FM)
G- Cheezy Charles (Hot FM)
H- Abdulfatai Otori (Radio Nigeria)
I- Jeffrey Isaac (Liberty FM)
J-Godwin Aruwayo (Naija FM)
K-Steve Onu Yaw (Wazobia FM Lagos)
L-Eldee Extra Large (Rhythm FM PH)
M- Tisan Bako (Raypower Lagos)

42- Nigerian Broadcaster of the year- Female
A-Stephanie Coker (MTV)
B- Opubelebara Parker (RST)
C- Mariam Anazodo (Music and More on NTA)
D- Bukola Ogunrinde (Classic FM Lagos)
E- Helen Paul (Jara on AfricaMagic)
F-Moyo Oyatogun (Star FM Lagos)
G- Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi- (Beat FM)
H-Moet Abebe (Soundcity)
J- Tobe Da Diva (Dream FM Enugu)

African Broadcaster of the Year (People’s Choice)
(This category welcomes nomination of presenters across the globe with programmes on satellite channels; they could come from any part of the country within Africa)

43-African Broadcaster of the Year –Male
A-Mark Masai (Kenya)
B-Papayaw Addo-Boateng (Ghana)
C-IK Osakioduwa (Nigeria)
D-Thomas Ayuk Fotang (Cameroun)
E-Lawrence Maleka (South Africa)
F- Jake Okechukwu Effoduh
G- Peter Okwoche (Nigeria/BBC Focus on Africa)
H-Uti Nwachukwu (Nigeria)

44-African Broadcaster of the Year -Female
A-Didi Akinyelure (CNBC Africa)
B- Victoria Omotoso (Ancient of days TV)
C-Dolapo Oni (Nigeria)
D-Anita Erskine (Ghana)
E- Marian Nyako-Lartey (PRTV)
F-Weza Solange (Angola)
G-Mimi Fawaz (Vox Africa TV)

45. Sexiest On-Air Personality- Male (Viewers /Listeners Choice)
(Criteria: Good body frame, fashion sense, carriage and diction)
A-Charles Anazodo
B-Don T (Splash FM Ibadan)
C-Frank Edohor (WWTBM)
D-Adesope Olajide – Vox Africa Sky 218
E-Benny Ark (Cool FM Abuja)
F-Andre Blaze (Nigeria’s Got Talent)
G-Big Mo (Wazobia FM Abuja)
H-Sensei Uche (City FM)

46- Sexiest On-Air Personality-Female (Viewers /Listeners Choice)
(Criteria: Good body frame, fashion sense, carriage and diction)
A-Gloria Maduka (Inspiration FM)
B-Tobe David (Dream FM Enugu)
C-Moete Abebe (Soundcity)
D-Zainab Balogun (Ebony Life TV)
E- Jennifer (J-Luv) City FM
F-Kaylah Oniwo- (Cool FM)
G-Elma Godwin (Spice TV)
H- Chioma Nwezi (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)

47- Actor Of The Year (Viewers Choice)
(This is in memory of Late Ambassador Segun Olusola. It’s a ‘Viewers Choice’ award category, and it welcomes nominees from Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa movie genres.
Criteria: Popularity, creativity and versatility. The nominees must feature in popular TV drama, soap opera or in high numbers of home videos shown on TV)
A-Chinedu Ikhedieze (Johnson’s Family)
B-Steve Onu (Yaw n Myns)
C-Alex Okubo (AY crib)
D-Femi Brainard
E-Seun Akindele
F-Owen Gee
G-Ayo Makun
H-Kayode Peters

48- Actress of the Year (Viewers Choice)
(This is in memory of Late Ambassador Segun Olusola. It’s a ‘Viewers Choice’ award category, and it welcomes nominees from Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa movie genres.
A-Katherine Obiang
B-Kehinde Bankole
C-Tina Mba
D-Caroline King
E-Lilian Esoro
F-Ireti Doyle

49- Humanitarian Award- (This category is strictly for Broadcaster/ OAP/ presenter with self-financed TV/Radio programme, NGO, event etc that has great influence on people’s life)
A-Isaac and Nneke Moses (Goge Africa)
B-Ariyike Akinbobola (BOBW)
C- Shoggy Tosh (Ancient of days tv’s Youthful to be useful)
D- Princess Akporaro Treasure FM Port Harcourt (Impact for Living / Gideon Sickle Cell Foundation)
E- Chief (Mrs) Y.A Babajide (Total Peace LTV8)
F-Terry Ikumi (Kick For Charity Kapital FM, Abuja)
50. Best Campus Radio Station (Listener’s Choice)
A-Search 92.3FM (FUTA)
B-Hope 89.1FM (Babcock University)
C-Diamond (UI) FM
D- Hillside FM (Auchi Polytechnic Radio)
E-Okada Wonderland FM, (Igbinedion University Radio
F-Great FM, Obafemi Awolowo University, (Ife)
G-Unilag FM (Lagos)
H-Noun FM (Lagos)
I-Buk FM (Bayero University, Kano)
J-Unilorin FM (Kawara State)
K- ICe FM 96.1 (Unijos)

51. Best Campus Radio Presenter (Listener’s Choice)
A-Abdul gaffa Arikewuyo-(Unilorin FM)
B- Michael Dimeji-Lamu (Unilag FM)
C-Victor Mark (McCoded) (Diamond FM U.I)
D-Ikenna Nwokedi (UNIZIK 94.1FM)
E- Fish (NOUN FM)

52. Best Online Radio Channel (Listener’s Choice)
B-Nollywood Radio France
D- Defflounge.com
I-Fortis Radio
J-Praise World Radio
L- Real360radio.com

53. Best Online TV Channel (Viewers Choice)
A- Ndani TV
B-Koga Entertainment TV
D-Krunch TV

54. Best Entertainment program on TV (Viewer’s Choice)
(Criteria: Must be Syndicated or run on satellite/Digital TV channel, good concept/content, consistency and large viewership)
A-Goge Africa
B-Hitz OnTV
C-Trending (HipTv)
D- Rubbin’ Minds
E-Stand up Nigeria
F-AY Show
G-Hitlist N Cruzzing
H-Red Carpet Extra with OOla
I-Studio 53 Extra (DSTV)
J- D’Beat Zone (WAPTV)
K-EL Now (EbonyLife TV)

55- Best TV Series/Drama Viewer’s Choice)
B-Johnson’s Family
C-Face to face
D- The Valley Between
E-So Wrong, So Right
F-Clinic Matters
G-Lekki Wives
H-New Horizons
I-Family Ties

56-Best Talk Show on TV (Viewer’s Choice)
A-Timeout with Tee A
B- Rubbin’ Minds
C- Your View on TVC
D-Sunrise Daily
E-Seriously Speaking
F-STV Today
G-On the Couch (Spice TV)
I- The Spot (EbonylifeTV)

57- Best TV Reality Show
A-Star The Winner Is
B-Maltina Dance All
C-Knorr Taste Quest
D-MTN Project Fame

58-Best Brands/Business/ Food/Technology programme on TV (Viewer’s Choice)
A-The Money Show (AIT)
B-Business Morning (Channels TV)
C- Foodie and Spice (WapTV)
F-101 Business

59- Best Sports program on TV
(Criteria: Must be Syndicated or run on satellite/Digital TV channel, good concept/content, consistency and large viewership)
NOTE: This award goes to the Station or producer
A-Sports File (AIT)
B-Sport Edge (Galaxy)
C-Sport Café (STV)
D-Sports Arena (WAPTV)
E-Sports File (AIT)
F-Sports Week (TVC International)
G- Sports Report (Arise TV)

60. Best TV Community Access programme (Viewers /Listeners Choice).
This is for programmes broadcast on community access licensed stations only, and reflect the value of community access broadcasting to their communities of interest. These communities may include cultural, ethnic and social minorities, special needs and special interest groups within the Nigerian society. Programmes should be by, for and about the target community. Any social action initiative, campaign, programme or series that has been used to engage the listening public in a positive, community-focused way
A-Goge Africa
B-Down in the Creek with Jeta Amata (NTA)
C-KaKaaki (AIT)
D-Network Africa (Channels)
E-Naija Diamonds (EbonylifeTV)
61-Best Community Access programme on Radio (Viewers /Listeners Choice).
This is for programmes broadcast on Community Access licensed stations only and reflect the value of community access broadcasting to their communities of interest. These communities may include cultural, ethnic and social minorities, special needs and special interest groups within the Nigerian society. Programmes should be by, for and about the target community. Any social action initiative, campaign, programme or series that has been used to engage the listening public in a positive, community-focused way
A- People’s forum (Dream FM)
B-E concern Me (Rainbow FM)
C- Ina Dalili (Liberty FM)
D-Uzu Ummune (Blaze FM)
E- Real Talk (Royal FM)
F-Police and you (Splash FM)
G-Hardfacts (Nigeria Info)
H-I Beg Una with Fred Nwaulune and Comfort Agbai (Metro FM)
I-‘City Talks’ ( City FM)
J- Sapientia Xpress (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)

62- Best Coverage of a Live Event (Viewers Choice) (TV Only)
This category is for coverage of a scheduled live event. Typical examples might include a music concert, a state occasion or a sporting event.
B-Channels TV
Outstanding TV presenter
(Criteria: Must be a host of syndicated programmes or programme running on satellite/digital TV Channels, composure, followership and style)

63- Outstanding TV presenter (Male) (Entertainment/Talk Show)
A-Oba Adeoye (TVC)
B-Ebuka Obi Uchendu (Rubbin’ Minds)
C- Joseph Benjamin (Project Fame)
D-Ekeng Bassey (EL Now)
E-Adams (Soundcity)
F- Chamberlain Usoh (Sunrise Daily Channels TV)
G-Aghogho Oboh (Today on STV)
H-Isaac Moses (Goge Africa)

64- Outstanding TV presenter (Female) (Entertainment/Talk Show)
A-Oge Osih (Channels TV)
B-Toke Makinwa (Trending on HipTV)
C-Helen Paul (Jara)
D-Wofai Samuel- (MITV)
E-Patience Bello-Okafor (Galaxy TV)
F- Olayemi Ogunwole (Honypot) (TVC Entertainment)
G-Ariyike Akinbobola (Spice on TV)
H-Moet Abebe (Soundcity)
I-Mariam Anazodo (Music and More on NTA)
J- Veronica Effiong (WAPTV)
K- Stephanie Coker (MTVbase)
L- Oreka Godis (Love Lounge on EbonyLife TV)

65-Outstanding Sportscaster on TV (Male)
A-Miyen Akiri (Galaxy TY)
B-Solomon Ajuziogu (TVC)
C-Omah Akatugba (MITV)
D-Niran Adesanya (STV)
E-Collins Udoh
F-Alfred Okoligwe (AIT)

66-Outstanding Sportscaster on TV (Female)
A-Kibati Bankole (Freelance Radio/TV)
B-Cecilia Omorogbe (Galaxy TV)
C-Juliet Mafua (TVC)

67- Best Sports analyst/commentator
A- Segun Agbede
B- Victor Ikpeba
C- Sammy Kufour
Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s).
(Criteria) Presenter (s) of live programme with good concept and huge listenership) Note: The award will be given to individual for programmes anchor by duo or group but the previous winners won’t be privileged, the reason their names were omitted.
68- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Morning Ride 5am-11am) LAGOS
A- Bukola Ogunrinde (Classic Morning Show on Classic FM)
B-Continental Breakfast Show with Daniel Akpata, George-Curtis and Nkem-Okoli (Radio Continental)
C- Cordelia Okpei and Mike Diali (AM Lagos Live on Metro FM)
D- Nanya Diali (Morning Drive on Rhythm FM)
E-Olaitan Bakare (Ultimate Morning Show Raypower)
F- Tolulope and Oluwaseun (Morning Crossfire on Nigeria Info)
G-Adebisi Adewusi and Anny Salako (Lagos This Morning Eko FM)
H- Dan Foster, Oscar Oyinsan and Ssmallzz (Breakfast in the City on City FM)
I- Mazino Appeal and Sope Martins (Smooth Breakfast on Smooth FM)
J- Titi Oyinsan (Tea Break with Inspiration FM)
K- Olisa Adibua and Maria Okanrende (The Morning Rush on Beatz FM)
L- Moyo Oyatogun (Daily Guide on Star FM)
M- Mannie, Shine Bhego and Mercy Ajisafe (Good Morning Nigeria Show on Cool FM)

69- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Midday/Lunch Hour 11am-4pm)
A-The Kazbah with Ini (Smooth FM)
B-City Café with J-Luv
C-Brunch Time with Gloria Maduka (Inspiration FM)
D-Midday Oasis with Dotun and Temi (Cool FM)
E-Midday Show with Toolz (Beat FM)
F-Midday Dialogue with Katherine and Adenike (Nigeria Info)
G-The Classic lounge with Bukola Sawyerr Izeogu (Classic FM)
H-Adenike Lanlehin (Star FM Lagos)
I-Onome Oyaide aka BigTyme (Afternoon Drive on Rhythm FM Lago)

70- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Drivetime 4pm-8pm)
A- Drive Time with Wana Udobang (Inspiration FM)
B-Smooth Drive with Aderonke and The Genie (Smooth FM)
C-Drive Time Show with Gbemi (Beat FM)
D-Drive Time Show with Sensei Uche and Vien (City FM)
E-The Drive Time Show with Chico (Classic FM)
F-Hard Facts with Zoe and Chuks (Nigeria Info)
G- DJ Boombastic (Star FM Lagos)
H-Mark’DSoulja – (Drivetime Lagos on Radio Continental)
I-Kaylah Oniwo (Cool FM)
J-Tisan Bako ( Power Play on Raypower FM, Lagos)

71- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Night cruise 8pm-5am)
A-Happy hour with Timi K (Rainbow FM)
B-Nite Café with Joyce and N6 (Cool FM)
C-After Dark with Chris de Razor (Beat FM)
D-Daniel Akpata (Radio Continental)
E- Habahaba Hauwa (City FM)
72- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) Morning Ride 5am-11am)
A- Toyin Alabi (Issues and Events ON Liberty FM Kaduna)
B- Abdul Fatai Otori and Nkemdilim Nweze (Kapital FM)
C- Cheezy Charles and Adetutu Adeoba (Hot Breakfast club on Hot FM Abuja)
D- Bunmi Afolabi and Atarhe (The Morning Experience on Kiss FM Abuja)
E- Philip Omachi (Oga Driver on KSMC FM Kaduna)
F- Stanley Bentu (WE FM Abuja)
G- Kayla Dominica Megwa (Cool FM Kano)
H- Bello Lukman (Unity FM, Jos)
I- Sacmitchit Solomon (Peace FM Jos)

73- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) Midday/Lunch Hour (11am-4pm)
A-Maltida Duncan (Rhythm FM, Abuja)
B- Dayo Skills (The Super Morning Show on Grace FM Lokoja)
C-Faith Onyebujoh (Cool FM Abuja)
D- Peter Broderick (Obodo Naija on Liberty FM Kaduna)
E- Uju (kiss FM)
E-Gift Agriga (Kapital FM)
F-Lady G (Wazobia FM Abuja)
G- Charlie Kingpin (Raypower FM, Jos)
H- Hundung Gyang (Peace FM, Jos)

74- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Drivetime 4pm-8pm)
A-Ciana (Evening Shower on Hot FM)
B- Andrew Patience (Unity FM Jos)
C- Samson Omale (Rythm FM Jos)
D-Zulayhat Bello (Liberty FM Kaduna)
E-Kamri Apollo (WE FM Abuja)
F- Terry Ikumi ( Kapital FM ,Abuja)
G- Ashu Brown (Dala FM Kano)

75- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Morning Ride 5am-11am)
A-Femi Tunde Okunlola (Royal FM Ilorin)
B- Kenneth Ugwueje and Anne Nwaghodoh (Splash FM Ibadan)
C- Rolake Bello (Morning Star on Star FM Ibadan)
D- Wale Ozolua and DolapoAlade (Morning Rush Beat FM Ibadan)
E-Eric Boroni (Enigma) and Monique (Vibe FM Benin)
F-Bamidele Ayodo and Ify Onyegbule (Day Break Show on Rockcity FM)
G- Soulman Sly (Positive FM Akure)
H- Adeolu Gboyega (Orange FM Akure)
76- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Midday/Lunch Hour 11am-4pm)
A- Spycy (Rainbow FM Ogun State)
B- Yinka Oretuga and Oluwaloni Oke (Beat FM Ibadan)
C- Prisca (Oluyole 98.5 FM)
D- Aderayo Dada (Royal FM Ilorin)
E-Monique (Vibe FM Benin)
F-Yugee Bamidele (Independent Radio Benin)
G- Shedrack (Late morning Show on Rhythm FM Benin)
H- Sweet Steve (Orange FM Akure)

77- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Drivetime 4pm-8pm)
A- Egunjobi Olufemi (Home drive/Space Lounge on Space FM)
B- Jacobs Adeyemi (Smooth Home drive on Splash FM)
C-Tade o’Jay (PM Delight Star FM Ibadan)
D-Osato Edokpayi (Vibe FM Benin)
E- Winqyiam (Royal FM Ilorin)
F- Olaita Meadows (Rockcity FM)
G- Chinonso Dike (Afternoon Drive Rhythm FM Benin)

78- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) Night cruise (8pm-5am)
A-Keneth Ugwueje (Nightshift with Kboogie on Splash FM Ibadan)
B-Triple-X (Mark Yinka Oremosu) (Beat FM Ibadan)
C-Soul (Oluyole FM)
D- Steavihn Imediegwu (Vibes FM Benin)
E-Dayo Adeyemi (Royal FM Ilorin)
F-Lekan Onabanjo (Rockcity FM)
G- Aigbe Augustus a.k.a Guccitheradio rockstar {Silverbird Rhythm FM Benin)


79- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Morning Ride 5am-11am)
A-Jude Thomas Dawam (Morning Ride on Dream FM Enugu)
B-Jegz B (Wakeup call on Zander FM)
C- Gloria Orji-Emodi (Dream FM)
D-Radio Big Brother and Tuvia Kings (The Morning Crow on Solid FM)
E- Spaceman (Chucks Roberts) (Love FM)
F-DJ Ovia (Morning Groove on Sapientia FM, Onitsha)
G-ElYubee (Salt FM)
H-Valentine Ohu (Cool FM PH)
I- Sapientia Xpress with Freshmann J, Ifeanyi Orakwue, Dudu Evans, DJ Geoman and Lilian Ikedigwe (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)
80- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Midday/Lunch Hour 11am-4pm)
A-Tobe Da Diva (Midday Express on Dream FM Enugu)
B-Oyisan Temitope (Blaze FM Anambra)
C-G’son Emaefa (Solid FM)
D-Mama T (Solid FM)
E- Femi Isaac ( Blaze FM)
F-MC Spinosky (Atlantic FM, Uyo)
G- The Duke (CRBC FM, Calabar )
H- Nelson Etta (Salt FM)
I-Ifeanyi Orakwue and JJ Agada Aguzie (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)

J- Boma Barango a.k.a Mistah Juix (Garden City Radio 89.9FM,PH)

81- Outstanding Sportscaster on Radio (Male) Lagos

A-Jide Alabi (Rhythm FM)
B-Biola Kazeem (Top Radio)
C-Tolu Shotade (Inspiration FM)
D-Temisan Okomi Olawale (Classic FM)
E-Jude Otigbo (Wazobia FM)
F-Bimbo Adeola
G-Femi Obong Daniel (Cool FM)
H-Emmanuel Etim (Nigeria Info)
I-Moses Praiz (Smooth FM)

82- Best Sportscaster on Radio (Female)
-Princess Fiona (Nigeria Info)
– Chinelo Ezekwe (Kapital FM Abuja)
-Nneka Nkem Anibeze (FRCN)
-Kibati Bankole (Freelance Radio/TV)

83- Best Sportscaster on Radio (North- South-East)
A-Sammy Wejinya (Cool FM/Nigeria Info Port Harcourt)
B-Ojay Mathew (Vision Sport Abuja)
C- Ogunmola Boluwaji (Star FM Ibadan)
D- Mohammed Suleiman Mowiz (Liberty FM Kaduna)
E- Tunde Olawuwo (Splash FM Ibadan)
F- Thomas Bello (Kapital FM Abuja)
G- AL-Amin (Brilla FM Kaduna)
H- Tony Ademodi (Magic FM Aba)
I-Richie Asiegbu (Solid Sports on Solid FM)
J- Cyril Dum Wite ( Family Love 97.7FM Port Harcourt)
K- Solomon Onu aka Solo morinho (Hot FM)
L- Ifeanyi Orakwue (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)

84- Best Radio Program Presenter (s) (Educational/Health/Human Interest) ‘Listener’s Choice’
A-Sharing Life Issues with Wanna (Inspiration FM)
B-Smooth Book Review (Smooth FM)
C- Health Matters with Jacqueline Adebija (Liberty FM Kaduna)
D- Book On Review with Benji (Classic FM)
E-Health Watch (Radio Nigeria)
F-Food and style with Anne Nwaghodoh (Splash FM Ibadan)
G- ‎ ‘Naija Our’ with Big Tak and Shedy Kay (City FM Lagos)
H-Fitness and Nutrition with Joyce Onyemuwa (Cool FM, Lagos)
I-Campus Network with Star D Prince and Oma ((Radio Sapientia Onitsha)


Best Indigenous Presenter (TV/Radio)
This welcomes nominees from South-west (Yoruba/Pidgin), South-east (Igbo/Pidgin) and North (Hausa)

85– Best Indigenous Presenter (Male) South-West (Yoruba/Pidgin)
A-Kola Olootu (Amuludun FM Ibadan)
B-Yemi Sonde
C-IfanKaleluya (Faaji FM)
D-Fatai Dan Kazeem (Ilorin)
E-Jare Ayo Martins
F–Fatai Dan Wahab (Positive FM Akure)
G-Joeel Yetonyon (Radio Lagos)
H-Osam (Naija FM)
I-Ayenowon Oluwatobi (Twitwi) (Wazobia FM Lagos)
K-James Edafe (RockCity FM Abeokuta)
L-Sabongari (WapTV)

86- Best Indigenous Presenter ( (Female) South-West (Yoruba/Pidgin)
A-Deola Orisile (Radio Lagos)
B-Folake Otuyelu (Splash FM Ibadan)
C-Omidan Olayinka (Royal FM Ilorin)
D-Doyin Kukoyi (Gbajumo Osere Africa Magic)
E-Habibat Jinad (Orisun TV)
F-Toyin Black (Laarin Osere Galaxy TV)
G-Sabina Umoren (Naija FM)
H- Onu Cynthia a.k.a Kody kodinator (Wazobia FM)

87- Best Indigenous Presenter (Male) South-East-North Igbo/Pidgin
A- ‘Ordinary’ Ahmed Isa (Love FM Abuja)
B-James Expensive (Wazobia FM Abuja)
F- M.C Akonuche (Blaze FM)
G- Uncle C Akpakwalam ochi (Love FM)
H- Ifeanyi Orakwue (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)

88 -Best Indigenous Presenter (Female) South-East-North Igbo/ Pidgin
A-Imaobong (SabiGirl) (OneMic Lounder)
B-Igho Mayor (Wazobia FM PH)
C- Princess Akporaro (Treasure FM PH)
D- Lilian Ikedigwe (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)

89- Best Indigenous Presenter North Hausa/Pidgin
A- Said Carpenter (Liberty FM Kaduna
B-Philip Omachi (KSMC FM Kaduna)
C- Ashu Brown (Dala FM Kano)
D- Salisu Umar Abdullahi a.k.a Salinger (Alheri radio, Kaduna)
E-Ibrahim Yunus (Unity FM Jos)

90- Best Nigerian DJ (Listeners Choice)
(Criteria: must be with a Radio station, skillful, brand affiliation and consistent)
A-DJ Roland (Metro FM Lagos)
B-DJ Hotega (Raypower Lagos)
C-DJ Gav Pop (Splash FM Ibadan)
D- DJ Xclusive (Cool FM Lagos)
E- DJ Sose (Rhythm FM Lagos)
F-Jeffrey Isaac (Liberty FM Kaduna)
G-DJ Neptune (Beat FM Ibadan)
I-Adams Palmer (Raypower FM Kaduna)
J- DJ Mekzy (City FM)

91- Best Nigeria VDJ (Viewer’s Choice) (Criteria: must be with a Digital or Satellite TV station/Channel skillful, brand affiliation and consistent)
A-DJ Waxxy (Planet Radio TV
B-DJ Bobbi (Soundcity)
C-DJ K-Wise (Nigezie)
D- DJ Spinall (Channel O Africa)

92- Best New Radio Station
Criteria: Station must be relatively new and be regarded as innovative and fast-rising.
A-Faaji FM
B-Beat FM (Ibadan)
C-Star FM (Ibadan)
D-Space FM (Ibadan)
E-WE FM (Abuja)
F-Vibes FM (Benin)

Terms and Conditions
1. Nominees (winners) are allowed to contest (in a category) only once every three years – the reason why some popular names are missing on this year’s list of nominees. Many of them have won previously in the recent past. It is our hope that this will inspire others to strive for perfection, and therefore recognition.
2. Due to the likely introduction of an SMS Short code system for voting (Still pending) votes will take the lion’s share of 60 per cent, while research, survey and agency reports are responsible for 40 per cent of the final result.
3. However, in the special Listeners and Viewers choice categories, votes will take the sole responsibility for 100 per cent of the total tally.

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