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Nollywood actress Uche Benjamin has not only agreed that there is lesbianism Nollywood but has also stated that she has friends who are lesbians.


She however said she did not practice lesbianism.

“No! I have not, but I have them as friends. Sometimes, people draw my attention to that and I just laugh over it. It is what you want that you engage yourself with. That I have them as friends does not mean that I must do it. I know the qualities I want in a friend. So, if I find it in them, I make friends with them,” she told nigeriafilms.com.

Uche is one of Nollywood’s beautiful rising actresses. She is described as sociable, unpredictable, hard working and is easily pissed off by wrong impressions people have about Nigerian actresses.

But she describes herself as an extrovert and a fashion freak. Right from primary school through secondary school and even in church, she has always been on stage acting.

A graduate of the University of Port Harcourt where she studied biochemistry, she became quite good in learning intricate chemical structures of molecules. But the Imo state indigene from Owerri is living out her passion as an actress.

Currently, she is known for her roles in such movies as ‘Ego’, ‘Pains from the Heart’, ‘Adams Desire’, ‘Margaret Thatcher’, with ‘Everlasting Love’ being the movie which gave her, her break.

Even though she does everything like any normal person in Nigeria, after her breakthrough, Uche said she has stopped climbing the back of motorbikes, the easiest and cheapest way of transportation in Nigeria.

“I have stopped climbing bikes (okada). The last time I climbed a bike, I was rushing to the airport and I almost missed my flight. People were looking at me, and halfway, I became ashamed and got down. Nigerians believe that once you are appearing on screen, you should not climb bikes. That is the only thing I would say that I have stopped.”

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