Nollywood movie director Dickson Iroegbu supports anti-gay law.


Nollywood movie director, Dickson Iroegbu, took to Facebook some days ago to express his thoughts on the anti-gay law. The director, who has faced gay allegations in the past, but has vehemently denied them, now works for the Presidency as an Executive Assistant, Creative Entertainment & Tourism is in support of the bill.

Nigerian film-maker Dickson Iroegbu has come under fire in the past few days after he posted a comment on Facebook saying that if anything happened to controversial Briafran leader Nnamdi Kanu – currently detained by the state security service (DSS) in Abuja – Nigeria “will burn”.

Iroegbu spoke to IBTimes UK to clarify his position, stating that he does not support the Biafran cause – which calls for indepndence from Nigeria – but he believes in freedom of speech and dialogue with the Nigerian government.


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