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 “A poor man shouldn’t even think of admiring my pictures, not to talk of wooing me. I love money so much, so I can’t marry a poor man. I don’t even want a man who is merely comfortable. My interest and affections are for millionaires, if possible billionaires. Money means so much to me-in fact, money makes me wet. Sometimes, when I imagine about so much money in my account I could just get wet.”
The above was the true confession of Nollywood actress and ex Miss Delta State, Lizzy Gold, during an exclusive chat. Read below for more shocking details.
Briefly give us an insight about yourself
My full name is Lizzy Gold Onuwaje. I’m from Warri South area of Delta State. I won the Delta State Pageant as Miss Delta State in 2006 after which I tried my hands at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant (MBGN) where I emerged as the second runner-up. Apart from being an actress, I also have an NGO which is centred on empowering secondary school students- the youths generally. I’ve so far given someone a scholarship throughout any university of his choice in Nigeria. I graduated from Delta State University where I studied Information Science.
How long have you been in Nollywood
I joined Nollywood about two years back. I veered into acting because for long I’ve been passionate about the movie industry. At the moment, I’ve done over 30 movies. Right from when I was young, acting has always been my ambition-then I used to act with pillow, chairs or anything around me. My first movie role was a lead role. How did I achieve that? Shortly after my university education, I attended Emeng Isong’s acting school after which I started getting movie jobs. Uche Nancy is one of the industry’s stakeholders that have been bombarding me with movie jobs since then, especially lead roles.
As a very sexy lady, have you played romantic roles since then?
Yes, I have done lots of romantic roles.
How has the challenges been like?
It’s been very challenging, especially, when it comes to getting into characters. You have to assume you are the character in the script; you have to put yourself into it. If it’s a romantic role, you put yourself in the character with no strings attached.
Have you ever had sex on a location?
No. I can’t have sex on location. Deep kissing and smooching are part of romantic things I’ve done on movie set, not real sex. Does it turn me on? It doesn’t turn me on because I’m just interpreting a character-maybe because I have a tough skin.
How far can you go in terms of sex related roles?
I can’t act nude and I can’t make love-that is out of acting. No matter the money, I won’t.
Did the man in your life feel bad when you wanted to join the industry?
He was very skeptical about it. He said most ladies in the industry don’t stay in marriage. So he kicked against it. But I don’t really think actresses don’t stay in marriage. There are so many of them who have been happily married for years. He saw the fact that I was very passionate about acting to the extent of joining an acting school, so he decided to allow me. But we are no longer together.
What led to the breakup?
It wasn’t because I ventured into acting. The truth is that he doesn’t have money so I decided to crash the relationship. I dumped him in 2013. I never wanted to continue the affair into 2014. He wasn’t hard working and that was the basic reason.
Does it mean you can’t date a poor man?
Of course I can’t. A poor man shouldn’t even think of admiring my pictures, not to talk of wooing me. I love money so much, so I can’t marry a poor man. I don’t even want a man who is merely comfortable. My interest and affections are for millionaires, if possible billionaires (laughs).
What does money mean to you?
Money means so much to me-in fact, money makes me wet (laughs). Sometimes, when I imagine about so much money in my account I could just get wet. Bank alert is like my best friend. I just need to imagine so much money in my account and I’m turned on. When I get a credit alert on my account, Oh my God, I get turned on immediately.
How do you cope with male harassment?
It’s not like I’m a very rude person, but I’m blunt and friendly at the same time. But I like rich guys, if you are not rich; I can never be attracted to you. I like rich, clean, fresh guys. When I say rich, I don’t mean ‘Yahoo’ kind of guys, because they are not hard working. I want a guy who is consistent with his work and rich. Right now, I’m okay where I am, so I don’t think I’ll leave him for any other man.
Basically, what qualities attract you to a man?
I like men that are caring. You have to be rich, caring, romantic and nice. Some men are rich but stingy. Be rich and be willing to spend the money. If I tell you I need anything, let me get the alert. I like alerts (Laughs).
What if he has all the money and he’s not able to meet your sexual needs and makes you feel like a woman?
That’s very important also, it’s not just money; he has to be a man down there!
What do you mean by being ‘a man down there’?
He should be physically endowed and good in bed. He should know how to use it properly, not all men know how to use their endowments (laughs).
Are you in love currently?
Yes, I’m in love with the person I’m with now. Not just because he’s rich, he’s also caring, generous and romantic. He’s nice, down-to-earth and very humble.
Are you ready for marriage now?
Yes I am ready. Of course I will accept if he proposes?
What if he doesn’t, will you be heartbroken?
No, I won’t. I’ll feel I’m not destined to get married to him.
Who is that actor or actress that you’ve dreamt of working with, but you’ve not had the chance to work with?
I love Genevieve and I’ll love to work with her. I will also love to work with Omotola and Stephanie Okereke. I’ve always loved to work with Mercy Johnson and by the grace of God, I’ve done some movies with her. She’s very nice, humble and accommodating. She’s motherly and gives one lots of advice.
Over the years, what has been your selling point?
I have a very nice height; I speak very well and I have talents for roles interpretations. Again, when you have God’s grace, you will always be favoured.
As a very beautiful girl, how do you cope with randy producers and directors?
I’m being projected by a female producer. Besides, the way and manner I carry myself does not give any randy person a chance to make advance at me. I don’t beg for scripts. If I get a call from a producer for a movie job, I do tell them to send the script to my mail. I package myself properly and I have someone managing me. Again, I don’t accept all scripts. If a storyline is nice, and the producer agrees with my fee, that is when I will accept it.
It seems you like sex?
How often do you make love in a week?
Because of my tight schedules, I don’t really make love often.
What does love mean to you
Love means sharing and caring.
Can you date your colleague?
I can’t. I’ve never had a crush on anyone of them. If I were to date anybody in the entertainment industry it would be D’banj. I like everything about him. If I were not in a relationship, I would have gone for him.
What part of your body do you consider sexiest?
Men like my smiles a lot. I have a potable ass also which men admire a lot.
Any plan of producing your own movie soon?
I don’t have such plans. Movie production is very stressful and I don’t think I’m ready for that. I don’t like stress.
Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
That is too far. In the next three years, I hope to be in A or B-list category in Nollywood. I’m always working on myself. I want to get better.
Have you ever been heartbroken?
No! I’ve never been. I was the one that left my ex. I dated him for eight years-didn’t I try? I had to move on. I gave him a red card because he wasn’t meeting up with my needs-he wasn’t working hard enough.
If you weren’t acting, what else would you have been doing?
I would have been into serious modeling. I like modeling a lot; I have done lots of modeling related jobs especially adverts.
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