Nollywood twins, CHIDIEBERE and CHIDINMA ANEKE open up on love life and dress sense


ON Tuesday, August 6, 2013, delectable Nollywood twins, Chidiebere and Chidinma Aneke added a year. And they opted to celebrate it with the less privileged. The birthday bash at Swan Hall, Old School Building, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, was attended by movie stars including National President, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Ibinabo Fiberesima, AGN Lagos chapter chairman, Victor Osuagwu, Saidi Balogun, Mercy Aigbe, Iyabo Ojo, Tony Akposheri, Joy Ejiro, Obi Osotule, Fidelis Duker, Sunny McDon and Babatunde A. Popoola, Secretary-General, Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC), among others.

Chidiebere and Chidinma Aneke

In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Wednesday, August 7, 2013, the twins who have shot over 50 movies, explained why they chose to celebrate with the downtrodden. They also talked about their love life, the man that can win their heart, acting career and more…

You just added a year, how does it feel?

CHIDIEBERE: I feel honoured and happy as I give all the glory to God. At least, there are some people that I started with, but are not here today. But I thank God we are alive and doing well.

CHIDINMA: I feel great. It’s not easy. We thank God for His mercies and for adding another year. At least, I am five minutes older than her (laughs).

How old are you?

CHIDIEBERE: I am still a baby.

CHIDINMA: I am a year older.

What are you most grateful to God for at this age?

CHIDIEBERE: Being alive. And I get to see my friends, thank God for that and that we are here today is by the special grace of God. That’s the ultimate.

CHIDINMA: I’m alive and able to give glory to God, and I am able to give.

What were the targets you set for this age and how far have you gone?

CHIDINMA: I didn’t set any. I only have God to direct my steps.

CHIDIEBERE: I didn’t set a target, but I know I have achieved something. The rest will come and you will see them soon, when we will be launching our latest movie.

Why did you choose to celebrate your birthday with the physically challenged, widows, orphans, etc?

CHIDINMA: Where we worship, the principle is to give because if you don’t give you will not be blessed. So, we follow Bishop Oyedepo’s footsteps. Our father is late and our mother is a widow, so we know what she went through. That is why we had to do what we did.

How did the birthday go without blowing your trumpet?

CHIDIEBERE: Lots of activities. Like the widow’s night, the dwarfs and the special sport segment for the physically challenged. We gave them five wheelchairs, bags of rice, Indomie, 20 crutches, wrappers and foodstuff. We even shared our movies to our fans.

So, the theme of the birthday was giving back?

CHIDINMA: We themed it Celebration of Love. Life is all about love. For you to give, you must love. So, that is the essence of life.

How long have you been acting?

CHIDIEBERE: For acting, we have been into it for five years or thereabout.

Do you have any other business aside acting?

CHIDINMA: Nothing for now.

CHIDIEBERE: For now, nothing. But when we veer into another thing we shall let you know.

How has the financing of your movies been, have there been any government support or any man around the corner?

CHIDINMA: The only thing I can say is that when God gives a vision, He backs it up. But we thank the Enugu State governor, Dr. Sullivan Chime who has been a father. He knew us through our hard work. He has never come to us to say Ejima (twins), take this million for the production of your movie. God has been the source. The governor is just a father of all.

CHIDIEBERE: The only thing we do is after our movies, we thank the governor and the people of Enugu State because that is where we produce our movies. For every profit we make from it, that is what we use in doing another movie.

How many movies have you produced by yourselves?

CHIDIEBERE: More than 15 movies and we have marketed eight others.

Has film business been good?

CHIDINMA: At least, we are not begging.

CHIDIEBERE: At least for the birthday it was from the movie business that we funded the celebration.

For young entrepreneurs to be producers and actors it could not have been easy. How have you been able to cope?

It’s all God’s power. After going through Bible School, God just showed us the way. There is no man power. We plan ahead of time, that is what has been keeping us up.

People say you dress worldly these days?

CHIDINMA: See me, do I look what they say? We still dress decently and glamorously.

How about the wedding rumour?

CHIDINMA: There is no Mr. Right. It’s only God in action.

To quench the rumour, who is the man in your life?

(Laughs) Mr. Anonymous.

Have you been lucky in your relationship?

CHIDINMA: You should ask my partner. If my partner has been favoured to have me because I am a blessed child.

CHIDIEBERE: You have never seen me cry or tweet heart break. So, I am good in my relationship.

What is your ideal man like?

CHIDINMA: I want a man like a brother, a friend. Someone that can listen to me and also trustworthy.

CHIDIEBERE: I want a man with a good heart, a man I can confide in, a man of his words. Also, a man like a father and husband.

As identical twins, don’t people mix you up?

CHIDINMA: It is normal, people mix us up. But we tell them who we are to differentiate each other.

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