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Ogechuwku A.K.A "Yellow Tatashe" doing justice to "Ekuro" By Davido | MTN Project Fame Season 7.0  



This year’s MTN PF 0.7 has been thrilling and full of so much talents,spectacles, drama and fantastic performances.Like we predicted few week ago when the show started,Ogechuwku Okafor A.K.A “Yellow Tatashe”has nick named by Uncle Ben after she gave a five star performance has thrilled the whole of west Africa with her beauty,great voice and determination to take up any challenge thrown at her,just this Sunday she performed “EKURO”  By Davido and guess what! against all odds she kills it!!! just the same way she has killed her last two performances anytime she goes on stage. She has escaped probation for two weeks because of her great deliveries but this week the judges decided that all contestants are on probation because they all did well,now she needs your vote to escape probation. Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra-Leone, to vote text 14 to 306 to keep her in the academy Ghana text 14 to 1745. MTN lines only.If you missed her performance yesterday,follow this link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNCIcGqDVqg 
#YellowTatasheRocks! #OgechuwkuOkafor #MtnP.F 0.7! #keepChasingYourDreams!
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