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Olamide Adedeji: My Relationship with Wizkid


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Olamide Adedeji
He’s just twenty three years old, but eclectic rapper, Olamide Adedeji’s rating on the Nigerian music radar is flattering. Sequel to his current effort, YBNL, was a chart-bursting debut, RapSoDi. The visionary artiste said to be slipping into late rapper, Dagrin’s shoes shared his story with LANRE ODUKOYA
Before professional music, have you tried something else?
Yes, the initial dream was being a football superstar. I used to play football a lot back in the school and when I got to secondary school, my attention shifted to basketball. It was all sports then, but I actually gave that up because my passion for music was higher than any other thing I was doing back then.
It’s been said that you’re no longer with ID Cabasa, the man you praise in most of your raps. How true is this?
This is very funny. Anthony Nwakala is actually my manager, not that I’m under his label. Coded Tunes is now a record label, but I’m not signed under it, I’m just like their in-house artist, a family member of the house. It’s not actually what people think and Olamide is not signed under any record label right now.
From ID Cabasa to Tony Payne and you’ve also left the latter from what we gathered. What really happened?
ID Cabasa is my producer and like my dad and godfather in the industry. Tony Payne was just my manager at a time and there was nothing else I had with her.
After you left Tony Payne, Zara also left and Adol is the only one remaining. Why did you guys leave her?
Really, I never knew. I only know that life is a change of direction even if you don’t plan it.
But it was alleged that you used to take exuberance to the stage. In fact, sometimes overstaying your time when you get carried away by the cheers from fans and that Tony Payne could no longer condone that…
Well, I don’t know anything about that. I just know that life is a change of direction; sometimes you don’t even plan the change.
You had collaboration with Wizkid. Are you still that bonded? Is he a friend you talk to every passing week?
We’re still good friends after the song we did together. But honestly speaking, Wizkid and I are not that close; we are just colleagues and we have this professional friendship that goes on. I won’t come here and start flaunting him as my very good friend.
What’s your motivation for the Azonto effort you made?
I just wanted to take my rap game to the next level because I don’t want to be like everyday kind of rap artiste. I don’t want to rap and get you bored. I make music that people can grove and flow with. My interest is in making raps that blend well with all genres of music. I know there’s no Nigerian artiste that has done Azonto rap and I dare to be different. I’m looking forward to taking my game higher, like breaking into the international market because I need my music to cross borders. In the nearest future I wish to have my own record label and start helping artistes.
What kind of childhood did you have?
Ghetto gangster and rough man; there is nothing rosy about my childhood at all. I grew up in Bariga and so far so good, it’s been rough and tough on the streets. Sometimes, I still want to go back to the hood; I miss that lifestyle. Being away from that ghetto gangster life, somehow, I still miss some stuffs like the foul smell I got here and there from my backyard. You can take a ghetto boy out of the hood but you cannot take the hood out of him. When I’m rapping and speaking good English, I won’t know when I say; ‘gbagbe osi’ and that’s typical me.
Do you have a romantic relationship?
I’m actually in one and it’s been on for twelve years now. She’s the main reason I’m here and her name is music.

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