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Among the three major sectors in the Nigerian entertainment industry; music, movie, and comedy, comedians do not get endorsement deals as much as others in the other two sectors. Many have wondered why this is happening.

However, ace comedian, Omobaba, has revealed what he feels the problem is, describing endorsement deals as slavery. He also disclosed that it is a personal choice. This he said in a chat withNigeriafilms.com.

According to Omobaba, “It is a personal choice; I can tell you of two to three people who did not accept brand deals when they were approached. When you look deep into these deals, some of them are slavery. It is better I don’t do it than to do it and create a fake impression for myself. Some of them are making money from it, but for me, I have rejected some offers.”

He went further to say that brand endorsement deals sometimes favour financial needs of some people more than their personal interests.

He also said, “for some, the business is good, they do it and it pays them while to others, it doesn’t pay them, but they still go ahead to sign the contracts, and when knocked down by a brand, other competitive brands will not call you for their events. That’s one thing about endorsement deals. So, before you collect such deals, you check well.”

How my life changed while going to buy kerosene – Omobaba

Most religious doctrines preach that there is blessing for children who respect their parents. Luckily for ace comedian, Omobaba, running an errand for his parents literally changed his life.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the comedian who doubles as a singer said that his life changed while he was going to buy kerosene for his mother.

He explained that while he was on his way, he saw an opportunity to showcase his talent and he embraced it.

Omobaba said, “The first time I ever performed in public, it was an open field concert that was organised by different churches and they invited choristers from different churches. I was not billed to perform because my parents actually sent me to buy kerosene. I saw them setting up on my way to get the kerosene, then I approached them and asked if I could perform as a comedian but they said that it was strictly music. I told them to allow me to sing even though I did not come with my band; they said that I could perform comedy for five minutes instead and if they found out I was not funny, they would cut me off. I eventually performed for 20 minutes that day,” he said.

The comedian who prides himself as being the finest entertainer in the country further said that things had not been always rosy for him because the next time he had an opportunity to perform, instead of being paid, he had to pay the organisers.

“The truth is that the next time I had the opportunity to perform, I was not paid; in fact, I paid the organisers of the show about N500 for them to allow me to perform. Eventually, during the course of my career when I started getting paid, I was given N400. I thank God for my life because I made my first million before I turned 27 years old. The money was paid in two instalments for the same gig,” he said.

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