Opponents fear Asomugha’s rare talent


With Rod Woodson entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, Scouts Inc. takes a look at the top five cornerbacks playing in the NFL today.



1. Nnamdi AsomughaOakland Raiders — Simply the best; the Raiders’ opponents don’t even challenge Asomugha anymore. It just isn’t worth it, even when he is matched up against an offense’s No. 1 wide receiver, which is often the case. One of the things that really sets Asomugha apart is his size. He is tall (6-2) and long-limbed. Players with that type of build simply should not be able to move and change direction like Asomugha does. He can neutralize the smaller, quicker guys in the Steve Smithmold or he can do combat with big, physical Terrell Owens types who often outmuscle their opponents. If someone does catch a pass against Asomugha, as a fundamentally sound wrap-up tackler, he is extremely quick to put the receiver on the ground. Asomugha will not post great stats, but he eliminates one side of the field and allows the rest of the Raiders’ defense to play 10-on-10 against the offense, often with the best wide receiver out of the picture. He is worth every penny of the contract that he recently signed with the Raiders.

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