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Our entertainment industry is stagnant, We need We Need a Larger Platform for Growth –BASORGE TARIAH JNR


Basorge Tariah Jnr is a well known creative Artiste, a Comedian, A movie maker, a choreographer and is into all works of art. He reveals his real self and identity to Joy Akosa in this exclusive interview.

IN three words, describe yourself?
Down to earth (even in my pursuit for excellence)

If you weren’t a comedian what would be doing?
Am not a comedian, I know I can be referred to as a comedian, but calling me a comedian, is like under rating me, I am an artiste, a creative artiste and an entertainer, it hurts when people look at me and say he is a comedian, people should know that am not only a comedian, but one who has respect gracefully for all the platform of entertainment, as a dancer as a choreographer, actor, as a film producer, as a writer, as a journalist, a comedian, and as music producer.

At what stage in life, did you know that this is what you want to do?
I have always know since when I was a teenager, I have entertained, if you have read and researched me, you will know that this is my 30th year in entertainment, when am talking about thirty years in entertainment, am not talking about thirty years with flirting with the idea, I have spent thirty years as a performer in the highest level, john player started in the 80’s, so this is thirty years of consistency.

What was your most embarrassing moments?
Well, my wife had a surprise party for me, and I didn’t know it was a surprise party, infact I didn’t know it was my party, they brought the cake I didn’t still know it was my party, they put the cake in front of me, I thought they meant I should pray for TA’s wife, all these while, they thought they have brought me for a surprise party, they were happy I was sitted, I thought my wife was busy running around for TA’s wife party, because TA and I are best of friends.

Where do you hope to be in the next ten years?
I would still be living in this country, hopefully if the country will not chase me away, I will still be a father and a husband, and I will still be alive and relevant for speaking up for the thing I believe in and the art I have practiced all my life.

What are you working on right now?
I have a record label, I just finished producing that, which you have just got one right now, this re just the early releases for radio, and you can see am a part of that group, is not as if I sang but I produce and my voice is on it, I did the intro. I did the poetry, I have another artiste called busty, that’s major project now, outside that I have a script that am writing to be produced in London.

When should we be expecting this?
Am an artiste, which mean you could expect anything, I could work for three years, change my mind, I pursuit for excellence, am not going to be in a hurry because I want to do a good work, take all my time, enjoy it and make sure I fulfill the creative stretch and finish up the work.

The security problem in the country, how does it affect your business?
It does not affect me, this is where I live, you can see there are no fences here, so nobody comes anyhow because this place is tight, so it does not affect me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect me if I walk on the road, I mean in terms of robbery, or in terms of chaos, what will my opinion change, if you ask me I will say it is the way of the society and the system of government that they refuse to provide and offer employment to youths, young people have create themselves with business and which they hardly see government contribution.

How do you see the entertainment industry?
The industry is just like every other, what matters to everybody is how much we can get out of it, nobody is thinking of how we can institute it for a life time, when we started we thought of how we could plan the industry so that young people can have better days, but now young people have now come, they are not thinking about tomorrow, everybody are just fighting for what he can get, it is all about flaunting what you have, what you say, that is not what life is about.

Are you planning to do a live concert?
I will tell you frankly right now, it is not in my head, I used to think about it, that I will do a live concert, but is not in my head, what am I doing a live concert for, to showcase me? Why will I want to showcase me, I have achieved everything, I just got back from Dublin, where I was honored in Dublin, some of my awards have come from across the country, I was the third to receive AME awards for the best comedian in new York, all expenses paid, in facebook or search me you will see some of my pictures, I went and some government persons from the republic of island, I stood there and I spoke for about ten minutes, I spoke about the relationship between I and my country, at my age this is the kind of thing I want to be doing, to be able to act as an ambassador, to encourage young people, why am I doing shows? want to collect gate money, what am I proving, I own a bachelor of Arts degree in chorography, I am a chorographer by qualification, way back in this county when I use to dance I won competitions I almost won at the nationals, I have acted in one of the finest movie in my time, I have interpreted roles as low as house boys, to well cultured gentle man, I have directed successful movie, I have written and directed my own movies, my comedy still rates the best comedy ever, I have MC and anchored most of the state events, I have done comedy when I was a very active comedian, no comedian can stand on the same stage with me, the reason why I don’t want to do comedy Is because there is nothing more to get funny about, I don’t want to be funny in wield languages I want to be funny in an educative way, my children are grown and they are in good schools, if they still see me do comedy, like some street warri boys, I have not showed them education, I will not make money at the expense of my family and at the expense of my name, and my integrity and at the expense of the development of education of society, in other words am saying we have nothing to prove, you don’t see me in some stupid red carpet, now I can go and have fun with my friends, speaking frankly so that young people out there will learn, I will ride okada, will ride a Bus and do whatever I want.

What are the challenges in the entertainment industry?
Lies, no integrity, I am fearless, they are full of lies, people who know nothing who pretend to know a lot, people who just think about earning money and not been a role model to young people, we are like civil servants, how many of them will come and operate a piano when performing, fake, how many of them can play instrument, fake, since you see this actors how many of them have acted in one movie abroad, fake, how many cameramen is his picture celebrated around the world fake, how many of us have invented things, we hear Nolly wood 25years 30years, we still can’t record sound well. We are just stagnant, whether comedy, music or acting which is drama, so we need to check these things.

What would you say to young people, who want to be heard and wants to be like Basorge Tariah jnr?
If they want to be the me that is popular I will tell them to go and sit down, but am a man of my own, am down to earth, a caring husband and father, I don’t hit women, hardworking I strive for the best, so if you want to imitate me, imitate those aspects. Just keep on working and you will get there.

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