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Peter Okoye Confirms PSquare Confirms There was family Challenges


Folakemi Ibrahim, 10 months ago

The past week has witnessed a lot of panic and uncertainties in the music industry concerning the possible split of popular music duo, PSquare.
Peter Okoye Confirms PSquare Truly Had Family Problems
According to reports carried around, the brothers, Paul and Peter Okoye, were on the brink of breaking up the group following disagreements and fights about personal issues.
While some people said the twins weren’t just agreeing with issues regarding their work and productions, others chose to put the blame on Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo, who they said was the main cause of dispute within the Okoye household; all these speculations were however, never confirmed by the music group and remained rumours.
Recently, Psquare’s publicist Bayo Adetu was allegedly quoted as mentioning in an interview that thePSquare’s family dispute was all a publicity stunt that never really happened. This news caused another buzz in the rumour mill as it was assumed that all the stories were getting cooked up, probably by newsmen and bloggers just to create traffic on their site.
Peter Okoye Confirms PSquare Truly Had Family Problems
Peter Okoye Confirms PSquare Truly Had Family Problems
Peter Okoye has however opened up on the matter on instagram, stating that indeed they had family quarrels during the period; adding that it was a normal thing that has however been sorted and there would be no sort of break up between the group.
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