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Project Fame Winner, Ayoola: ‘I wouldn’t have been where I am today without Covenant University.


Project fame winner, Ayoola recently had a chat with HIPTV and he talked about his  University, Covenant University.

Read Excerpts below:

HIPTV: for the benefit of those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?
AYOOLA: my name is Ayobami Ayoola Ayolola, friends call me Ayoola, which is also my stage name, I am fortunately the winner of MTN Project Fame season 5 that was 2012. I
am the first of five children and I was born in Kano, spent almost all my life there, I came to Lagos in 2000, yeah, so that’s basically all about me.  
HIPTV: so thus far, which Nigerian acts have you worked with?
AYOOLA: I’ve worked with Chidinma, that’s my sister in the industry; I’ve worked with ill Bliss, I’ve worked with Suspect; I’ve also worked with Vector and I’m also hoping to work with a whole lots more, people like Tuface, I can’t wait to work with Tuface.
HIPTV: since winning Project Fame what has changed about you?
AYOOLA: my approach to everything has changed, nothing has changed about me as a person but the hustle has changed. Project was one of the pushes that I had from life, in a right direction anyway. It has changed my approach to life, now I see life differently, I’m a lot more responsible, not like I was not responsible before though, but now I’m a lot more responsible.
HIPTV: so is Ayoola still single or is there a certain woman in your life?
AYOOLA: I’m not going to say I’m married to music, hell no! I’m happily and superbly single. I hope it’s not going to be for too long though!
HIPTV: you attended Covenant University, an institution that is utterly adverse to its students engaging in secular exertions, were you able to hone your skills whilst on campus?
AYOOLA: I know, I know. Shout out to covenant by the way. Wonderful school; I wouldn’t have been where I am today without covenant. As to whether it helped or if it hindered me…I didn’t feel restricted at all because in my mind’s mind, the four years that I was in school, I saw it as my preparatory stage. I was not pressured into wanting to be known, I was just working on my skills. I was in the choir; I was in an acapella group. I was always performing in school and sometimes outside school. I was also making connects. I had no problems with the law, I was just a cool headed guy

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