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This succinct yet modest assertion was how the top actor-cum-comedian, Basoene Kelsey Tariah Jnr, popularly known as Basorge, captured the causes of most celebrity failed marriages.

What do you think is the cause of incessant marriage breakups?

I think most people don’t differentiate being a superstar and a spouse. Most people live their lives, in and outside as superstars, even to the closest person to them. You want everybody to see you as a superstar and your partner might not be comfortable with that.

For instance, I meet Nollywood actress, Chioma Chukwuka very often in the market. She is homely and very down to earth. She is one woman that doesn’t carry the star mentality in her head. Sadly, most artistes can’t even go to the market? They can’t even go to the supermarket to buy things for themselves and for the family, not to talk of cleaning the house.

So they end up turning the other partner to houseboy or house girl! The function and responsibility of marriage is a weight to be carried by two persons.

You can’t leave your family and go and stay abroad for many months. Lots of them can’t even tell people they are married and have children. Maybe they made the wrong choices in marriage. For 13-years my wife has not worked. I told her not to work. I told her to take care of the children while I do the struggling. And I make sure I provide her with her needs.

My wife knows that I make sure the children school fees are not delayed and there must always be food on the table. Some people end up marrying someone they don’t even know anything about-all because of money or fame-such marriage will likely crash.

You organized expensive weddings and what next? It pains me to see artistes breaking up. Some marriages don’t even last up to five years. It’s saddening.

It pains me! Some of the marriages don’t even last up to five years. It’s saddening. I’m not in support of divorce in any way! Every home has a problem. We should all learn how to resolve our problems.”

@Entertainment Express

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