Sesan Ogunro speaks on sexiness in music videos


 Prolific video director Sesan Ogunro shares views on sexiness in music videos and its effect in society

– Explains that he finds women attractive and does not objectify them 

– Adds that sex sells and whether or not sexy women are used in Nigerian videos people will see this in international music channels

Prolific video director Sesan Ogunro has spoken on the nature of music videos in Nigeria vis-à-vis claims that most video contents are too explicit and could negatively affect society.

In a recent exclusive with Hip TV Sesan said that whether or not sexy vixens are used in Nigerian videos people will get to see them when they tune into international music channels.

Sesan Ogunro speaks on sexiness in music videos

When asked about the it, he said: “I don’t agree, I don’t disagree.

“People say we objectify women but I don’t objectify them. I find women very attractive and I try to showcase them not in their best forms but in their sexiest forms because on video and depending on the songs, that’s what sells.

“If the song is conservative, yeah you shoot the women looking conservative.”

He added that even though sex sells they do not sell sex rather they sell sexiness.

Sesan also revealed plans to shoot a new movie which he said will be international and above Nollywood level.

See interview clip below:

Sesan Ogunro is a prominent video director in Nigeria. He is the elder brother of former Beat FM presenter Fade Ogunro. 

The Ekiti state indigene has been involved in producing and directing music video projects for a lot of A-list Nigerian musicians. He also shoots television commercials for corporate clients among other things.


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