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Teju Babyface, Gbemi, Matse, Jaywon, Yemi Shodimu, others inducted as FRSC celebrity marshals


Talk show host, Teju Babyface, has maintained his stand to keep from stand-up comedy, saying he was constantly struggling.

He said this in an interview with Punch, adding that there comes a time when one’s inner self would call out and discontent sets in.

‘It was always a struggle to be a comedian. You may not have seen the struggle but every time I got on stage, it was a constant struggle,’ Teju Babyface said.

‘I had to prove myself to the audience constantly at every performance. It was a constant struggle and there were times I had been called on stage and the applause at the best of time would be polite, at the worst of times it would be non-existent.

‘If you think about it, I really did not look like a comedian. It was as if the audience did not believe I could make them laugh; so I always had to prove myself.

‘There was a time that it did not matter because I really enjoyed doing it. But after a certain time, your inner man would call out to you and things like discontent would start to set in.’

All that said, Teju Babyface still believes he can remain a comedian. ‘There was a certain day I had a lucid moment after a particular performance. As I got off the stage, it occurred to me that I was not called to be a career stand-up comedian. It was just a stage through which I had to pass.

‘I am not saying I am not a comedian because I will always be one but I am no longer a stand-up comedian.’

Teju Babyface went on to use the example of Steve Harvey, who has all but dropped stand-up comedy and is more of a talk show host now.

‘[Steve Harvey] did his last stand-up comedy show in Las Vegas in 2012 but he hosts the Steve Harvey show on television and radio, he has a children’s show and he is also an author.

‘He is a business magnate but he would always be a comedian. You cannot watch him and not laugh and it is the same thing with me,’ Teju said.

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