The 25 Best Notorious B.I.G. Guest Verses Of All Time


On March 9, 1997, they snatched him away from us. Biggie Smalls: the millionaire, the mansion, the yacht. He deserves every ounce of praise the world heaped on him before and after his passing. Today is sad fuck

Aaron Hall – ‘Why You Tryin’ To Play Me’ [1992]

It’s undetermined whether this is Biggie’s first officially released vocal recording (Wikipedia says this dropped in 1992). But assuming it is, Wednesday has been Benz day ever since. Stick around until the end – Biggie has two dope verses here.

Mary J. Blige ‘Real Love’ (Remix) [1993]
Bad Boy yielded musical power in the early 90’s like Def Jam did in the early 80’s, and they were almost as revolutionary; where Russell and Rick’s artists said “fuck the rules,” Puff and his roster said “fuck what you think about the rules.” Exhibit A: Mary J. Blige and Notorious B.I.G.

Sadat X – ‘Come On’ [1993]
‘Come On’ is infamous for being slated to appear on Ready To Die before Puffy told that plan to go get some cheesecake. Claiming that it didn’t fit the arch of that album’s story, Puffy pulled this fantastic Lord Finesse-produced gem. You should recognize that second Big verse though.

Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard – ‘Think Big’ (Feat. Lord Tariq) [1994]

Gettin’ mad blunted in the 600. Peace to Pudgee, that Rawkus LP was phat.
Da Brat & Jermaine Dupri – ‘Da B Side’ [1995]
Thank me after you get laid to it. Shouts to that Bad Boys soundtrack. Jermaine hooked Big up every time they got together.

R. Kelly – ‘(You To Be) Happy’ [1995]
Notorious B.I.G. was the best (relationship) rapper ever. Cheers to cross-checking every party I go to for verandas and Amandas.

R.A. The Rugged Man – ‘Cunt Renaissance’ [1994]
Night Of The Bloody Apes is a classic off one verse from a different rapper. Gotta go, see you groupies at the next show.

Mary J. Blige – ‘What’s The 411? (Remix)’ [1993]
No, not the Grand Puba version. You can hate Puffy all you want, but putting Big on two key Mary J. Blige remixes is top-three greatest executive rap decisions in the history of rap decisions.

Ed Lover & Doctor Dré – ‘Who’s The Man?’ (Feat. King Just) [1994]
Biggie and The 45 King? Class is dismissed. This is history at its finest.

Eddie F – ‘Let’s Get It On’ (Feat. Heavy D, 2Pac & Grand Puba)’ [1994]
Yes, Biggie had a hand in many classic posse cuts. Peace to Eddie F for doing his thing with the Boyz, but his crowning achievement was gathering these ‘Untouchables.’

Raekwon, KRS-One, Killa Sin, O.C. – ‘Stop The Breaks’ [1994]
Ron G tapes. Find them. Eat them.

Uncle Luke – ‘Bust A Nut’ [1996]

This one is my mom’s favorite Biggie song by far.

‘The Points’ (Feat. Big Mike, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Buckshot, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, Ill Al Skratch & Redman) [1995]

We’re hitting the posse cuts now, if you haven’t noticed. No words necessary. Do you hear this Big verse?

2Pac ‘House Of Pain’ (Feat. Stretch) [1993]

The fact that all three of these guys are no longer with us is more depressing than anything else about today’s date.

Heavy D & The Boyz – ‘A Buncha Niggas’ (Feat. Guru, 3rd Eye, Busta Rhymes & Ron-O) [1993]

Fat dudes do the best things in hip-hop. There, I said it.

The Lox – ‘You’ll See’ [1996]

Now it gets very serious. Faith Evans, “You Used To Love Me” (Remix). Just shut the fuck up and play this.

Grand Puba – ‘All Men Are Dogs’ (Nine Dog MC’s Mix) (Feat. Bandit, Grand Daddy I.U., Mackwell, Positive K, Snagglepuss, Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, & Raggedy Man) [1995]

You see this shit? Na, the weed is not that strong. This is a real line-up. Bobbito said that Raggedy Man was one of the illest rapper he ever heard come onto the Stretch & Bob show.

Craig Mack – ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ (Remix) (Feat. Rampage, LL Cool J & Busta Rhymes) [1994]
Don’t be mad – weaker websites are hiring.

Red Hot Lover Tone – ‘4 My Peeps’ (Feat. M.O.P., & Organized Konfusion) [1995]
Another useless MC gets a pat on the back for a classic collaboration.

The LOX – ‘Freestyle’ [1997]
The Lox and Biggie rap over ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ Like Max B, where do I go? Cop every 60 Minutes Of Funk mixtape if you like this rap stuff.

Heavy D – ‘Jam Session’ (Feat. Too Krula) [1994]
‘NBA Jam’ had this banger on the soundtrack, do remember.

Super Cat – ‘Dolly My Baby’ (Bad Boy Remix) (Feat. 3rd Eye, Puffy & Mary J. Blige) [1992]
Another crucial beginning point for young Biggie Smalls. ‘Bam Bam’ never loses, either.

Tracey Lee – ‘Keep Your Hands High’ [1997]
Yeah, we gave tributes their props, but that’s where it stops.

Neneh Cherry – ‘Buddy X’ (Falcon & Fabian Remix) [1993]
Biggie was stealing songs with sweet sixes back in ’93.

‘Puff Daddy – ‘Young G’s’ (Feat. Jay-Z) [1996]
I put this here because less people probably know about it than ‘Brooklyn’s Finest.’ If you wanted something objective, dig in the trash can.

Bonus: Shaquille O’Neal – ‘Can’t Stop The Reign’ [1996]

Soulful. Shaq had all the ill rappers on his albums, from Def Squad to Wu-Tang. He was tight with Big, too.

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