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The Making of Star: AIRIS


As time went on, AiRis began to find creative hobbies and skills to develop. She became more involved in the arts in school from music to fashion to craft; AiRis found her natural attraction to the creative arts.
These discoveries helped create this new path for her passion that has made her become an artist. AiRis attended ADRAO high school Lagos, Nigeria and then University of Lagos for 3 years before coming to the United States in 2002 to attend George Mason University in Virginia where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. From Lebanon to UK, to France, Ghana, Egypt, UAE, Jamaica and Canada, AiRis is truly an international artist that has been influenced by many genres of music. She spent a lot of time in Egypt and the UK and as a result; she has a lot of Mediterranean musical influences as well as from rock, pop and house music, since these were the dominating genres in those regions. Her musical inspirations growing up include; Sade, Sting, Michael Jackson and Madonna, original and unique artists that have their own sound. Often compared to
Tamia or Madonna, AiRis aspires to someday collaborate with Quincy Jones, David Guetta, DaftPunk, Darkchild and Cobahms as her career grows as an original artist.

“I think every song is a lesson or story that anyone can listen and relate to or learn from, no matter how small the message.” – AiRis
Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, an odd field for an Artist, AiRis wanted to re-connect to her passion as a singer songwriter and so, she decided to move back to Nigeria in the fall of 2009 to pursue her career. In 2009, AiRis worked with Trybe Records. She decided she wanted to create her own kind of music and ventured out on her own in the spring of 2010 and created AiRis Music, her own record label. AiRis is currently managed by Twenty20 Entertainment in Nigeria. In creating her music, AiRis tries to convey her feelings, experiences, and those of others in the words and rhythm of her style. Her style of music is alternative pop and soul with various cultural influences, specifically African.

“AiRis was great to work with. She is truly a professional who knows her craft and gives the best every time.”– MTV Award Winning Director, Adam Rush
In launching her debut single “Without you” produced by Chino Ojunta of C17 Music, AiRis secured Award Winning Director Adam Rush to produce her music video shot on location in Miami. In the past 2 years AiRis has been featured on MTV BASE, The Africa Channel, Bella Naija, Limerence Magazine, the cover of Vanguard Allure magazine, 234Next, Jamati Online, Arik Wing and more. Her debut Video “Without You” was nominated for various awards including the SoundCity Music Awards and Tru Africa Music Awards. Her new hit single “Olowo Ori Mi” released in February 2012 was produced by Shizzy and
extraordinary producer Spankie Doodle.

Catchy, soulful and unique, AiRis brings a new dimension to music greatly inspired by the world. She is currently working on her full length Album “The AiRis Project”. For more information on AiRis please visitwww.airismusic.com

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