Throwback Photo of Clarion Chukwura and Sir Shina Peters in 1982


Showcased on Nollywood Community, is a throwback photo of Nollywood Actress Clarion Chukwura and legendary musician Sir Shina Peters back in 1982. Though film-making in Nigeria was already in existence back then, Nollywood was yet to be born or pioneered.

Clarion Chukwura and Sir Shina Peters

Sir Shina Peters (born Oluwashina Akanbi Peters in Ogun State on May 30th, 1958) is one of Nigeria’s most renowned musicians, while Clarion Chukwura (born July 24, 1964) is one of the most popular actress in Nigeria.

The duo are parents of one of Nigeria’s best and award-winning music video producers, Clarence Abiodun Peters. This is an image of the lovebirds in 1982 on the cover of the original track of Owo L’Agba (Money Power) featuring Clarion Chukwurah and Sir Shina Peters. At this time, Clarion was yet to conceive or give birth to her son Clarence Peters, but he was born a year later in 1983.

Clarion Chukwura and Sir Shina Peters

Throwback photo of Clarion Chukwurah and Sir Shina Peters

The couple are no longer together as Sir Shina Peters is married to another woman now. Their son is 32 years old this 2015 year. Here’s what Shina Peters had to say about his son Clarence Peters:

“Clearance is from heaven. I call him Yomi. When I look at him, I see myself through him. He is just too much. I’m not saying all these because he is my son. I wish he is not my son, I would have showered him with lot more praises for the great things he has been doing in the music industry. It was a good combination from Clarion his mother, who’s also a professional in her acting field, and myself. I’m so proud of him.” -Shina Peters

Here’s what Clarion Chukwura has to say about her son:

“In anything you do give thanks to God; for he is good and his mercies endure for ever. God raised him up, not me. Clarence is a child of destiny; so nobody can stop him. He is a special gift.  If it wasn’t like that then the purpose of God for his life wouldn’t have been actualised. His life would have been cut short somewhere along the line during the days of my struggle but God delivered me. My son is a blessing to me and everybody can testify to that. In fact, he is a blessing to the world. I don’t want to go into details because it is a long story.

I believe God just wants to console me with him, wipe away my tears and prove to the whole world that he is alive. God actually used my mother and other elders around me to save me, change my story and today we are being celebrated everywhere. I single-handedly raised my son from the scratch and I gave him the best training any responsible mother will give to her child. Clarence has always been a child of luck. In fact, most of the people he is working with today he grew up knowing them from the scratch. So, I am not surprised at his exploitation and success. Like I will always say, I have no regret for coming across his father, Shina Peters, in life. He is my friend and the father of my son. So, we are friends and as for my son’s upbringing God did it in his own time.” -Clarion Chukwura

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