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Throwback Thursday, 5 nostalgic songs by iconic singer Paul Play Dairo we love


Paul Play Dairo, son of popular Juju musician IK Dairo will not be forgotten anytime soon for his rich catalogue of beautiful music he’s blessed listeners with.

Paul Play Dairo is a living music legend. Known for his soft-spoken vocals, the son of the equally legendary Afro juju musician I.K. Dairo is a delight to listen to, and he has the songs to prove it.

Paul’s music genre revolves around Highlife, Gospel and R&B. You might add Soul to the mix as well, and wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Here are five songs from the singer’s rich discography to bring those nostalgic feel good moments back.

Mo so rire

In ‘Mo so rire’, Paul acknowledges the hand of God in his life, giving him due thanks for the blessings to come. Fine instrumentation and delivery from Play Dairo. A fun fact about the song happens to be that the same song was originally sung by his legendary father as you’d see clips of his father’s performance in the visuals. Kennis Music label was responsible for pulling the strings for this tune

Mo wa dupe

Another praise song that uplifts and worships God with thanksgiving, that has Paul hitting all the right notes. Kennis Music once again plugged this in.

Then came through the love songs…

You and me

Paul Play knows how to serenade his woman right, and expresses it beautifully without holding back. “It’s burning my heart, It’s burning my soul, Now I believe in this thing called love...”, Dairo sings with the simplest of lyrics to convey his message of affection.


Paul tells it like a master of R&B, as the drums kick, the guitar plays and the flutes play away, a sweet ballad by Paul, whose delivery will never go out of style.

Angel of my life

One of his all time popular classics, Paul Play throws caution to the wind on this record, pouring out all the emotions and feelings he has for  the woman in his life, and how he would be so empty if she were to ever mess up and leave him.

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