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After last night when MTN project fame aired the day’s activities and showed Flourish giving  both Oge and Laami a very brief and cold farewell and was later seen with an expression that seem to be saying ‘good riddance’,  this seemed to Uncle Ben  that Flourish improved her performance during the weekend’s show because of the abscence of Laami and Oge. He called her out to inquire the reason behind her performance which Flourish denied  saying “It had nothing to do with them”.

Flourish’s fan poured out his anger to MTN and Uncle Ben saying,

Honestly, i am so disappointed with MTN for portraying a contestant in such a bad light. Listen, it’s a competition and everyone shall not be made to fit into a character. Flourish might not be the type given easily to a soft emotion, but that doesn’t drive home that she is a devil or witch like people say. For pity sake, where you people expecting otherwise from a girl whom both the faculty and other contestants persecute like she were an old hag? MTN, if you wanted to send Flourish home, you could have done that without scruples than portraying her in a bad light.

What have you actually gained with all these Flourish issue? The other time, uncle Ben asked the other members to advise Flourish and she was teased right, even with the most ridiculous item of wearing the back of her dress. Uncle Ben, there are better ways to deal with issues and people. You once did it with Clement, and he was forgiven and you were blamed and now it’s Flourish. Please just let the poor girl be or you send her home rather than this defamatory calumny against the babe that might persevere and persecute her unjustly even after her stay in the academy.

As for you guys already leaping to conclusion about the odious character of Flourish, some certain scenes were cut off and just made to make others saintly and another evil. It’s not possible that Flourish couldn’t have even bade them farewell with a hug. The only devil I see in this whole drama is Uncle Ben trying to make evil out of saint. What really is the pleasure of showing us Flourish close to Christian and could hardly show us Laami with Shola?

Honestly, I hate character traduce such as this. As for you Flourish, why shall it always be you????? Even if you don’t make it in the project fame, the world has antagonised enough and would love that you turn them all to your profits. You have just been made a celebrity. I wish you well babe


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