What are the sexiest Cynthia Morgan’s photos?


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Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan is a popular Nigerian musician. She was born on the 23rd of September 1991 in Benin City, which is on the South of Nigeria. Cynthia Morgan songs are a fusion of Hip Hop, Pop, Rap and also Dance Hall. Her hot images always hit the web and impress all the fans and admires. Check them out in this article!

Cynthia Morgan biography

Cynthia Morgan biography

A singer also calls herself a nickname Killa Marshal. She says it is her alter Ego. This Killa Marshal is really much crazier and sassy. Cynthia Morgan always dreamt to become a song writer, singer and composer. A lady recorded her debut single, when she was sixteen. She became known, she gave interviews for local Benin press.

hot Cynthia Morgan

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Her signing passion and also deep love for music began at the age of 3. A girl was raised by her single mother who is at the moment a popular music gospel performer, who works in Benin City. Her upbringing was rather rough and tough. A girl was rejected by her own father when her mom was just 20 years old and when she was pregnant. Nothing changed after child birth. When a girl was 16years, she decided to start working in music industry.

Cynthia Morgan photo

When she was 17 years old her first single had been already recorder. It happened just after her completing High School. Cynthia Morgan became recognizable and loved by fans from whole Nigeria. She loved music as she grew up among different musicians and also backup singers. As her mother’s took daughter to the rehearsals of her musical band since the girl was three. In 2008 she decided to move to Lagos in order to pursue her career.


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