Yemi Alade, Singer stuns in new interview with Glam Africa


She spoke about the release of her latest album ‘Black Magic’


Yemi Alade on the cover of Glam AfricaplayYemi Alade flashes her signature beautiful style on the cover of Glam Africa. (Glam Africa)

Yemi Alade’s ‘Black Magic’ album was released less than two weeks ago. Now on the cover of Glam Africa magazine, she shares her 2017 journey, why she chose the name ‘Black Magic’ for her latest album, and the hidden truths of the music industry in this candid new interview.

From being named ‘the highest viewed female African artist online’ last year, to touring the world and featuring on Nigeria’s version of The Voice, Yemi Alade has had a very busy year so Glam Africa magazine sat down with the star to ask how she remains grounded as well as her advice to fans pursuing a career in music.

Find excerpt from the interview as well as stunning shots of the half igbo- half yoruba songstress.

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Yemi Alade for Glam AfricaplayYemi Alade looks stunning in an organza jacket. (Glam Africa)

“This year I’ve been the highest viewed female African artist online,” she says excitedly. At the time of this interview, she has had well over 76 million views for ‘Johnny’. “That’s one million views away from the highest viewed video which is for Personally by P Square.”

Yemi Alade for Glam AfricaplayYemi is a vision in a cropped poncho. (Glam Africa)

We’ve seen Yemi release music video after music video this year, all different in their story. Indeed, one of the characteristics that sets her apart is her unique sense of style- usually leaning towards the artistic. “It will be interesting for people to see the videos I’m shooting for Black Magic,” she tells Glam Africa, ahead of the release of her third studio album (which will be out by the time you read this). “The script is super silly, but it’s so realistic because it happens in every community. Shooting the video for Tumbum (from Mama Africa), was interesting because I got the opportunity to play fight. I was in character and it was fun to play that role. It was exciting for me. It was different and very un-celebrity like. I got to be myself.” 

Yemi Alade for Glam AfricaplayYemi shows off her great figure in a multi-coloured bodycon dress. (Glam Africa)

“Black Magic is the fearless version of anyone out there,” Yemi begins. “Magic is the manifestation of the unbelievable. I put black in front of that word, because it has been used so negatively. The word black doesn’t always denote something nice. But I see so much beauty in black. Black Magic is raw, uncut potential. This album is a link between me and my fans out there. I have been working on it for about a year; I was recoding from the minute I dropped Mama Africa. I’ve put in so much emotion into this; my pain, my emotions, my struggle and my reality. I tried to paint a mirror reflection of every emotion I was feeling on every song. You cannot say no to good music. That’s exactly what this album is. It’s good for the soul and for the body. I’m very excited to share it.” 

Yemi Alade for Glam Africa
Yemi strikes a pose in a statement mini dress. (Glam Africa)

Time and time again, Yemi Alade proves her value when it comes to the role she plays in the Nigerian music industry. With a work ethic and refreshing consistency that is almost unparalleled, Yemi Alade is a dominant force.

Whilst many of her peers appear to be empty barrels, Yemi makes her moves in silence and the quality of her projects do all the talking. If her previous projects are anything to go by, Black Magic will be a surefire success.

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