Yemi Sax speaks excitedly on the joys of marriage and fatherhood


Yemi Adeosun, popularly known as Yemi Sax, Say Boy and Sugar boy, two weeks ago got married to Sholatayo at a well-attended talk-of-the-town wedding. Yemi Sax, Chief Executive Officer of Sax Records recently set up a world class studio in Lagos. In this interview with Senior Reporter, Anthonia Soyingbe,  he speaks on his passion as well as other issues. 

Congratulations on your wedding, how do you feel now that you are married?

Aside the fact that marriage makes one more responsible, I feel fulfilled and great. I married my friend. One thing I will always cherish in my wife; is her unique personality. Aside being beautiful both inside and out, she is very plain. She is a special gift from God to me.

In this age when many marriages are hitting the rock months after the wedding ceremonies, what measures are you putting in place to make your marriage work?

For me, I will always love my wife and, my family will always come first. I know the importance of prayer so I will always intercede for my family. I was told that infidelity is the major killer of marriage; I will try all I can, to be faithful to my wife.

Less than two weeks after your wedding, you are outside the country for a musical tour.

(cuts in) I am a little bit busy outside the country but I know how to balance things with my wife because she understands what my career entails. I am currently on tour in South Africa and will travel to London in a couple of weeks for another musical concert. I will go for Oscar Award in September.

Why did you choose sax when you can easily go into mainstream music where you can make more money?

I grew up in a musical family. My father, a former banker, was an organist in our church and so much loved music. He was also choirmaster in CAC (Christ Apostolic Church) for many years. He simply enjoyed music. As the last child of the family, I had no choice but to follow in my father’s footsteps, as I played piano as a chorister in church then.

How did you get into playing saxophone since you said you played piano then?

 I started with piano but became a multi-talented instrumentalist. I don’t know how, but I discovered later, my passion for the saxophone probably because I listened more to Kenny-G’s saxophone works in 1997. I also play violin, piano, guitar, trumpet, and church organ. I play them all well but decided on the saxophone.

Just nine years and you are quite famous, what is the secret to your quick rise in this industry?

My secret? I added a different touch to my saxophone playing. And this made me different from lots of other saxophonists in Nigeria. This is in addition to the fact that I am very good in playing saxophone. I didn’t just wake up one day and decided to play it, I learnt it inside out. I started with learning about theory of music; I got to understand music and saxophone. All these contributed to my success in playing saxophone. I have paid my dues.

Most saxophonists like you don’t perform outside church but you do. What informed this?

Music, for me, is a profession just like banking is a profession for some. It is high time we differentiated profession and religion because these are two different things. I am a versatile artiste, an entertainer and fit into anywhere.

As a former church boy, it’s strange to hear people like you aiming to differentiate religion from profession.  Don’t you think it is important to bring our faith into our profession?

I don’t mean that we should not project our beliefs well, but I still maintain that there is a big difference between my religion and my profession. It is not as if I am going contrary to my beliefs as a Christian, but I am still an entertainer. I am a saxophonist, a producer and I do other businesses, but music is the major for me.

What is that unique thing about Sax Records?

It serves as a signature for me, but that doesn’t mean that we only do sax under that label. Sax Records is all about music and entertainment. We have our recording studio and we rent out musical equipment.

As a saxophonist how true is the assertion that playing saxophone and trumpet is hazardous to health?

There was a man who had a heart problem in America, he was told to exercise by playing saxophone, which he did diligently. Aside getting healed through that, he also became one of the greatest saxophonists. There is no single side effect in playing saxophone and trumpet except one didn’t learn to play them well.

Aside playing in church, do you have any formal training in playing saxophone?

Yes, I did. I had series of international examinations. I also studied theories and practices of music at Music Society of Nigeria (MUSON). I can analyse anything I do.

As the last child of the family, can you tell us about your growing up days? Were you pampered? 

I was pampered, but my elder siblings saddled me with different domestic chores. I was mummy’s pet and I had wonderful experiences growing up.

How far have you gone in your studies?

Music is a very jealous profession, as you know. I wanted to study Business Administration after my secondary education but I went to study a Computer course. I still intend to study more because I want to go into art properly. Yemi Sax can be a movie director, a fashion designer or any other thing in entertainment.

 You like fashion?

Yes I love fashion so much. I grew up with people who were so much into fashion and they really influenced me. I love looking good always.

‘It’s the best thing in the world’

TALENTED saxophonist, Yemi Adeosun, popularly known as Yemi Sax has every reason to be thankful.  He has been enjoying a blossoming career.  This year, God blessed him with a beautiful wife and a lovely son as well.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the young father recounts his journey so far and joys of fatherhood and sundry issues.

yemi sax1What is new about Yemi Sax?

I just want to thank God because this year has just been wonderful.  From my marriage, child birth and every other thing, I thank God for that.  It is almost the end of the year, I have a couple of things to do, in and out of Nigeria.  Even at that, I am dropping a promo CD.  I will also drop a couple of videos.  I know one will be ready before the end of the year.

By God’s grace, 2014 will be a year of giving back. I will do a lot of giving back, I am a United States ambassador, and giving back is part of our duty.  A lot of things will also come up.

Sometime ago, you went on a tour to the U.K and South Africa, can you tell us about it?

Yes, that is true.  They were all career related, performance here and there.  That is the life of an artiste.  You can be here today and tomorrow, you are off to the United Kingdom. It is an everyday thing.

Tell us about the artistes on your record label.

Presently, I have only one, Lamboghiny. He is also an NDLEA ambassador.  We are working on the march against drug abuse.  He just shot a video featuring Olamide.  It is entitled, Gbaladun.  We are also working towards his album.

Lamboghiny has been there for a while because of all other stuffs that he does but musically, I am just trying to rebrand him.  He has a lot to offer.  I know with the help of God, people will get to see and hear a lot from him.

Why did you decide to join the march against drug abuse?

It is actually Lamboghiny’s project, as an artiste on my label, I just have to give him my full support.

How are you enjoying fatherhood?

Fatherhood is sweet, you have something always calling you back home.  It is the best thing in the world.  I am really grateful to God.  I got married to a wonderful woman.  She understands the nature of my work, even when I have to travel outside Lagos or outside Nigeria.  When I have to come back very late or the next day, she understands.  I thank God for the kind of woman God gave me.

Has anything changed about you?

I don’t think so, I am still the person people know me to be. I can say that marriage has made me more responsible, there is this feeling that I cannot just do things on my own anymore.  I have my child and my wife to cater for.  It is not just about Yemi Sax again.

yemi-sax-september-2013-babyboypixWhat is the greatest thing about being a father?

Seeing a product from your loins.  It is just God’s favour. It is not how far, there are a lot of people who have been married for quite a number of years without a child.  I just thank God for the opportunity.

Has fatherhood brought more challenges to your table?

The fact that you have to carry two other people along, as you are thinking about your future, you are also thinking about your family.  It is something that makes me happy all the time.  I don’t see them as challenges anyway.  Rather, they put me on the track, it is a good thing anyway.

How many more should we expect?

Trust me, I am not that kind of person that wants to have a lot of children. I am sure my woman is the same. Let God’s will be done.

Were you there when she had him?

I was there live, throughout.

How was the experience?

It was a great experience really.  I think it is good for men to be around when their wives are in labour. It helps relieve the pain.  With what I saw, I had to keep assuring her everything was going to be well.  When you are in pain, and you see your loved ones beside you, it eases the pain and tension.  It really worked for me.With the kind of news I have heard about child birth, God just took control of everything.  You need to see her, you wouldn’t know that she gave birth about two months ago.  It is just the favour of God.

What are the names you gave him?

He is the first born, so he has a lot of names but we call him Ademide Gold Adeosun.


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