Yvonne Nelson Opens Up To Genevieve Magazine: “My Dad Wasn’t Happy About My Birth”


Yvonne Nelson is sharing some very sad information about her past, not as a sob story but as an empowerment to single mothers everywhere.

The Ghanaian actress who is covering this month’s issue of Genevieve Magazine said:

“Because my mum is the one I know. It’s not as if I don’t know my dad, my father is there of course, but he wasn’t really a part of my life and there’s really nothing to say about him. He didn’t make any impact in my life. My mum single-handedly raised me. Big ups to all the single mums out there!

When I was born, I guess, my father was not happy about my birth, so he wasn’t there for me. He chose not to be a part of my life; a single mother raised me. She trained me from kindergarten to University. My father was never there.Even though I have an amazing stepfather, I always wished I could have had him in my life. That created a vacuum in my childhood. But I’m grateful that I had my mum and she did all she could to make sure that I lacked nothing.”

When asked if she ever tried to reach out to him, Yvonne revealed that she in fact did. She responded:

“I did! Several times. Let me give you some instances. When I was younger, I met him and I told him I wanted a pair of shoes for Christmas and he told me, he was going to buy me three or four pairs.

My excitement knew no bounds when he said that. Guess what? He never fulfilled that promise; I waited for those shoes for a very long time, but they never came. At a point I asked my mum, and she said, listen, if he wanted to do as he said, your shoes would have gotten here a long time ago, so better move on.

At another time, while he was in London I asked him to take me with him. And he told me not to worry, that he would come for me. I waited and waited, and he never did.

The two times he ever promised me something when I was growing up, he failed to fulfill them. That has never left my mind

While I was in school, I had a brother in my class and I never knew. We both didn’t know, until one day when a teacher told us and then showed us our records as proof. My dad is not such an amazing person in my life. I don’t have any good memories of him.”

Today, Yvonne is a superstar. She came this far without him. This story should be an encouragement to every single mother out there!

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